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Ask Doctor Best

That learned scholar, Doctor Henry Best, is available to answer your personal questions on matters grave or frivolous, through consultation of portents in the heavens. Please remember that, although he is educated in astrology and a myriad other areas of natural philosophy, holding a PhD from the University of Atlantia, Doctor Best is not a licensed psychotherapist.
Dear Doctor Best,
This year, I want to conceive at Pennsic. What's the best day and time for that?
June Bride

Dear June,
What a completely delightful question! I'm happy to help you with such a community-minded endeavor. Let me begin by reassuring you: I don't see any actual unfavorable days in the coming week, per se. In general, conceive away whenever you wish. You'll be joining in a fine tradition. A great many second generation SCAdians are born under the sign of Taurus.
There are some who say that you should conceive between days 10 and 14 of the lunar month, but I consider that to be something of an old wives' tale, not grounded in proper Astrological Scientific Theory. No, in your specific case, the most important factor is the transit of Venus from Gemini to Cancer, which occurs tonight. As a June bride, this transit affects you deeply. If you married June 22nd or later, your marriage is in Cancer, and you will enter a highly propitious time tomorrow, which will last you well into September. If, however, you married the 21st or earlier, your marriage is in Gemini and you haven't a moment to lose! Cancel all appointments for today, consume a good deal of garlic and perhaps some red wine to place your humours in proper alignment, and waste no further time.
If you require any additional assistance in this matter, my dear June, please feel free to consult with me this evening at my office.

Doctor Best

Attention: Gemini/Cancer couples: Venus is in transit tonight, from Gemini to Cancer. This exchange will occur at 8:47 PM and I strongly advise any romantically involved Gemini/Cancer pairings to seek discreet shelter in their tents.
Do you have a question? Bring it to Dr. Best’s office at Sun Baked Studio on Battle Road. Whenever possible, include birth date, time, and place for all parties involved. Your identity will be held in strictest confidence. “Ask me any question, and I’ll give you any answer!”