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By Christophe of Grey
Missile Weapons Reporter – Pennsic Independent

Monday and Tuesday, the populace shoot between the East and allies and Middle and allies occurred on the archery range. The East and allies took the day with a total score of 2574 versus 1629 for the Middle and allies. Wednesday and Thursday the populace can shoot the war point a second time with scores tallied for East and Middle versus all allies.
Thursday at 10 am on the youth range there will be a Beany Baby shoot for the youth archers.
Friday at 9 am, the Youth Champion shoot will be held. Youths wishing to participate must have their own bows and arrows. No loaner gear will be available.
The archery range marshals are still observing deserving, enthusiastic, courteous new archers in need of archery gear as recipients of the two fine bows donated by Elk Ridge Archery.

Thrown Weapons
The Champion’s Tournament between the East and allies and Middle and allies was held Monday. 24 throwers participated, 12 per side. The high score was recorded by Joe the Just of the Middle with the second highest score going to Gavin McBane of the East. The throw consisted of two targets with three throws each of axe, knife, and spear. The Middle and allies won with a total score of 220 to 215 for the East and allies.
For Wednesday three throws were planned: 9 am, Estrogen and Axes; 2:30, Two Handed Tourney; and 4 pm, Hecklers Tourney.