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Good manners… Period or not period?
There is a class on this at Pennsic this year. I am sorry I will miss it. There are a lot of great classes. You are so lucky to be there. We have all seen the Henry VIII thing biting the turkey leg and throwing it over his shoulder while wiping his face on his sleeve. MYTH! The higher up you were on the royalty food chain, the more good manners were important. Needed. EXPECTED!
There are many books on manners that are period. They have rules like, “Do not blow your nose on the table cloth.” For there to be such a rule, someone had to be breaking it. People ate with their hip knife and a spoon they often carried with them.
Forks, as we all know, are late period. I'll use one anyway.
Barbarians ate with a sword. Knights ate with a dagger. Gentlemen ate with chopsticks. Leftovers were gathered and given to the poor. Bread was a big part of any meal. Many loaves per guest per remove.
Lords and Ladies!
Charge your glasses and raise them high!
To good manners, period or not! Let’s do it anyway. Why? Because it would make our mothers proud! TO OUR MOTHERS.
Drink well
Drink often
Drink with…