Sunday Battlefield Report

By DonalBane of Blakmers, Battlefield Reporter

For the Pennsic Independent

Combat of the Thirty

Immediately following Opening Ceremonies, nearly 60 of the Known World’s finest warriors assembled to stage a recreation of the Combat of the Thirty of the Hundred Years War. Duchess Eanor of Amberhall of the Middle Kingdom led the English, while Sir Nigel MacFarlane of Ealdormere led the French.

Each fighter brought several ransoms to the field in the event they were captured. Fighters could be captured by taking three poleax blows to the head and then led to the opposing side’s banner. Fighters could only be killed by a thrust to a vulnerable spot in their armor. In the event the fighter was killed, his entire ransom stash would be “looted.”

While the English side did manage to ransom a few French fighters, the French were overwhelming in the end and won in a rout. Next year, the English will be captained by Duke Yngvar the Dismal of Æthelmearc, while the French will be led by Sir Kieran MacLoud of the Midrealm.

Inter-Kingdom Unbelted Melee Team Tournament

The Kingdom of Ealdormere hosted the third annual Inter-Kingdom Unbelted Melee Team Tournament around noon Sunday. Seven teams of 15 fighters from across the Known World engaged in a round robin tournament with the two top finishers battling it out for the championship in the end. Results from the round robin were: Midrealm 6-0; Atlantia 5-1; _thelmearc 4-2; Ealdormere 3-3; Atenveldt 2-4; Trimaris 1-5; and Lochac 0-6.

The Midrealm and Atlantia took the field for the title fight and, much like their round-robin encounter, the match was a meat grinder. Unfortunately, one Atlantia fighter had to be transported from the field after sustaining an injury. The Atlantians rallied, however, and bested the Dragon warriors for the title.

Known World Novice Tournament

The third annual Known World Novice Tournament, sponsored by the Order of the Chivalry and run by Sir Sarnac of Ealdormere, drew 100 fighters with less that two years experience. These fighters were organized into 10 round robin shark pits with the top two fighters advancing to the semifinal shark pits. The winners of the two semifinal shark pits would then advance to the title match.

It was an all East Kingdom affair in the finals, as Lord Deacon de Shatillion bested Lord William de Shoreham two bouts to one to claim the title.

Graybeard Tournament

While the young guns of SCA shone on the red tourney field, some the Society’s most experienced warriors met for the Graybeard Tournament on the white tourney field. A total of 28 gentles over the age of 50 participated in the tournament, with the winner taking home a scroll by Lady Aibell Suil-Uaine.

The final fight saw Sir Sextus Plinus Callidus beat Lord Aric Coer d’Latter in two straight bouts to claim the title.

Iron Rose Tourney

Over fifty women took the field in the annual Iron Rose tourney. Results were as follows:


4th place – Timbrein

3rd place – Stephanie of Wulfshaven

2nd place – Hilda Gunn

1st place – Serena Shieldbreaker


4th place – Ariella of Thornburg

3rd place – Marygeld Tynker

2nd place – Baronesse Mira Finnbhar ni Argyll

1st place – THL Kaylah the Cheerful

Today’s Big Battle: The Town Battle

After a long hiatus, the town battle returns to War Point play. The object of this resurrection battle will be to capture “buildings” and move Kingdom relics into temples and ships. The side with the most points for capturing buildings and relics after 90 minutes will claim a single War Point.

What to look for: Chaos! As this style of battle has been off the Pennsic calendar for some time, expect numerous strategies to be employed. There may be a “feeling out” process early in this battle, but expect a spirited fight.