PI Web Edition - Thursday, August 17, 2006

Shake Your Blue Feather

By Ursula the Widow

For the Pennsic Independent

Merriment filled the dance pavilion Tuesday night as the Blue Feather Ball returned to Pennsic.

Originally a gathering of Clan Blue Feather, the ball has grown and now welcomes all manner of folk. Joshua the Imperfect said, “We get GLBT people, straights, and families. We have people here who’ve been coming to Pennsic since Pennsic IV.”

Clan Blue Feather is an inclusive group. “A member is anyone who says they are a member. We have no chieftain,” Joshua said. The clan started 18 years ago and “has always been a place for everyone to feel welcome.”

Master Phillip White of Ansteorra taught dance prep classes before the event. He was a model of how to enjoy the evening, dancing with grace and verve.

Those who went in search of oddity would have been somewhat disappointed; the majority of those present were tastefully garbed gentles performing period dance. Several wore baronial coronets.

The ordinary conventions of dance calling were used; one member of each couple was designated the lady and the other the gentleman. Both same-sex and mixed-sex couples enjoyed the dancing.

THL Adele Defontaines expressed pleasure that the amount of dancing at the ball had grown since the establishment of the Dance Pavilion. She praised the dance floor and noted the amount of work that had gone into creating and maintaining it.

The household of Caer Cynin decided to attend in coordinated garb. All the gentlemen wore parti-colored black and white, some with red accents. As a group, they appeared elegant.

Other costumes were less restrained. A shirtless gentleman wore a pleated kiltlike garment of silver brocade with Road Runner trim at the waist and a mesh umbrella hat. Lord Quincy was dressed as a Pharaoh. The eyeliner, bare chest and bright jewels of the outfit suited his slender youth.

A graceful young lady in Gothic black corset, ruffled skirt and off-the-shoulder lace blouse who would have been welcome at any party watched as a poised damsel in a blue taffeta gown and leather mask ornamented with peacock feathers sailed past.

Belly dancing outfits and thigh high boots were to be seen, though thankfully not on the same individual. Each participant appeared to have put much thought and care into his or her attire.

Prizes donated by Pennsic merchants were awarded to ten “people who had wonderful garb,” Joshua said. “Our motto has always been, ‘Don’t wear your best garb; wear the garb that makes you look your best.’”

Some of the “Australian Six Pack” served at the feast. These gentlemen of Lochac were auctioned at Vlad’s and bought by Clan Blue Feather.

Two of them acted as serving wenches, two were breakdown crew after the ball, and the remaining two were expected to don loincloths and move a pile of firewood from one location in Blue Feather camp to another.

Lord Andreas Reinhardt, a member of the Six Pack, poured drinks at the ball in the Viking luau outfit he had worn to an earlier party.

Unclassifieds - Thursday, August 17, 2006


Events Open to All

Reform Jewish Shabat service behind Silver Dragon Co., #11 Bow Street. 7pm Friday.

Known World Choir Concert - Thursday - Performing Arts Pavilion - Be there - You know you want to! Don’t miss this wonderful performing ensemble. Renaissance music of Spain! Not to be missed.


The Pennsic Tribute Ship WILL sail! On Friday full dark, come to water’s edge at the foot of W18 within sight of flushies.


Colbert Freehold & Triskele Legion invite you to Roseland’s party! E-11 at dusk thirty! Good gentles bring a rock the size of your head. (Size matters)



Message from Cabochons: Our address in the merchant booklet is incorrect. Contact us at tchipakkan@eternalviper.net, or Cabochonsgems@yahoo.com

Ghazalah the henna artist has moved to Willofyre Pottery! Fresh paste made daily!

Disability Guild www.health.yahoo.groups.com/AIs

LIBRARIANS! If you are looking for a position and have a sci/tech background, see Fiadnata or Phillip in Flaming Gryphon camp W07

12 Step Meeting daily 4:00 pm E07 off Great Eastern Highway Denys the Decadent’s Camp AA NA OA SA all welcome

To all Æthelmearc Chatelaines who are attending Pennsic, we will be having a Chatelaines meeting in Æthelmearc Royal on Thursday 8/17/06 at 2-3pm. See you there! Gillian Llywellyn


Michael Z. Williamson signing copies of his novels at Cloak & Dagger, space 15.

SEWING HINT: fabric stashes are neither illegal, immoral nor fattening!

Free Tarot readings by Aghx come to E-20 and find Aghx of the Clan of the Seven Leaves. Gratuities welcome but not necessary.

Kendrick will be holding a bookbinding Demo/Discussion group at the Haunted Bookshop #63, 4-5pm. M,W,F

O Yea! O Yea! Be it known that on August 18 at 3pm on Horde Hill (E10), during informal family court, I, Siobhan O’Neill, in the presence of King Felix, Queen Madelina, Great Khan Rowena, my Brothers and all who wish to attend, will re-affirm my vows of Fealty. This is in observance of my Silver Anniversary of becoming a Member of the Order of the Laurel, being an appropriate time for reflection and renewal.

Chainmail shirts from $100, riveted shirts from $225. Coifs, Gamails, Aventgills too, all at Highland Arms Booth 200

SQUIRE CART for rent for handicapped or pampering someone. Mediaeval Miscellanea, Space #26

Remember your urchins. They are working hard to bring you the Pennsic news daily.

A CHALLENGE! The following are called to the field of honor on Thursday, 17th August at 5:00pm or Friday, 18th August at 11:00am. Lady Rosalind de La Mere, Lord Christopher Maccan Conaing, Lord Connor Livingstone, Baron Marcellus, Cappoozello Di Napoli, Lord Giacomo Vincente, Master Alan Gravesend, Master Roland de Mountenay. This challenge is issued by Tiernen and Wystric of Windmaster’s Hill. Meet us at the rapier Marshal’s Tent on the Battlefield.

To the Markland Army: May Sun and Moon smile upon you and gentle winds blow through the days!! Have fun! Praise Marklar!! Sir Brigit

Hi-Res photos of the Children’s Water Battle will be available at no cost about a week after war - Compliments of Shadowclans http://www.shadowclans.org

Clean, dry cardboard boxes. FREE! Pick up at Pennsic Independent office.

ATTENTION ALL ØSTGARDRIANS PAST AND PRESENT, The Viceroy and Vicereine of the Crown Province of Østgardr, desiring to complete the rolls of all members of the Order of the Seahorse and the rolls of the Champions of Østbardr, from the founding of said honors unto the present day, do hereby call upon all holders of said honors, past and present, or any persons knowing of such service, to make themselves known to the Viceroy and Vicereine at Østgardr encampment (E04) at this the XXXV Pennsic War, or to contact Lady Brithwen De Bores Hulla, Seneschal of Østgardr, at Østgardr encampment or at Brithwen@yahoo.com, upon their returning home.

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Slyme’s story continues-Burtsting into the castle, our hero is greeted by harpies with sharp sticks. Each declares some part of him unfit: his clothes, his odor, or his pelt. In turn, he brandishes the blowdryer of doom, the deodorant of Vanilla, and the garment rack of matched outfits. Declared fit, but peculiar, he advances to his love, reclining on the love seat. In dulcet tones she says to him,”Is this a game? Will this end well?” He whimpers. Fade to black.

People of Pennsic, Do you fear Pirate raids on your camp? Invest in Pirate protection. Be safe on Pirate night. Contact Cpt. Krunch at Pentwyuern invest now. Invest soon. It’s cheaper this way, but less fun. Will pick up payment in person Thurs. after 8pm.

Put Some Clothes On!.....This Ain’t Gore!

The League of Rapier Academies (LORA) met on Tuesday evening, August 14. Shortly after Pennsic the chancellor will post meeting minutes on ek-cording yahoo and other Eastern fencing email forums.

There will be a LORA fencing tourney Thursday, August 16th at 4pm following rapier champions. See Captain Jean-Paul Justin Casse for tournament details.

The League of Rapier Academies welcomes your interest and membership.

Palita apologizes for being unable to teach her Wed. Beginners belly dance II, if you miss today’s class, she can email you the handout. Contact information: dance@materialis.com or www.pacita.materialist.com

Capt. Elias Gedney wishes to thank everyone who came to his classes this year.


The Ottoman embroidery books you picked up - return them or come back and pay for them!

WEAVING CLASSES: Thursday - 10am (Inkle); 2pm (Card); 5pm (Inkle). Friday - 10am (Card); 2pm (Lucet); 5m (Inkle); 8pm (Inkle); see Pine Box Traders space 126

East Kingdom Soothsayers Guild meeting rescheduled Thursday, 7pm at Cabochons; 19 Bow St. All welcome!

Master Tristan Alexander invites all scribes to an illumination round table in his camp, next to the playground on Friday the 18th at 3pm. Please bring a matt or chair to sit on.

Alas, fine citizens of Confed, an exceptionally discourteous act was displayed by an unnamed lady of your camp. Justice demands acts of contrition be personally made by the offender. Regretfully, Rescue Ranger Punch will no longer be offered to citizens of Confed until honor is restored to the most filthy Azziz.

Wrolf, my moon my stars my universe. Happy Anniversary. May the fates grant us many many more. I love you. My forever Love - Aibell

Relive Agincourt 10/21/06 in the BMDL. Email: medicmacintyre1521@yahoo.com

Filkers! I seek war-related songs set to tune of musicals! Contact Shlomo after war. Richardm@ohiohills.com

Lost & Found

REWARD for return of knife lost in Market. Wood/brass handle, blade marked ANGELSWORD. Claim REWARD @ Lusty Wench, E17, Hill Road & Good Intentions

MISSING CROSSBOW Mistakenly removed from the Black Talon battlefield tent during the town battle. Reward Pending. Honey coloured tiger oak, small round brass medallion with “S” Almost no metal showing. Thank you to all who are looking for it on my behalf. Cat of Black Talon.

Red feathers, 3 taped with red tape. Gerrard the Toymaker misses them. Please return to W09.

LOST: brown velvet cloak black fur collar, beaded circle of Celtic knot work attached. Return to Shadow Clan.

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Evil Abra says, “A good lord is hard to find!” Abra thanks Marius for 24 + years of Love, Support, Hard work and putting up with a madwoman. “you’re the best!” Here’s to 24 more! All my love. § Abra

Gentle Lady of a ceretain age ISO gentle man for conversation/friendship. See Anya of Clan Kyle, Kurdson Way.

TIR THALOR!!!! - G&A (and kid)

Will someone please make sure The Entropy Twins are not having TOO much fun? Thank you, Lady Kytte Wynpeny (the blonde wife)

HARALD ORN of House Gonnedamn: We miss you here. Have a good time, and don’t do anything you’ll be afraid to tell us later. We love you. Don’t forget about Mystic Mail.

Colleen, I miss you here at home. I love you. Brimstone

ATTN Darostur : Have fun at war - drink lots of fluids - feed the flamingos - Enjoy the Ghetto party! signed House of Fox

Happy Second Anniversary my crispy Latke. Love, Jacob

Thursday August 17th 9pm to 11pm Come to the Official Pennsic Speed Bump for The Hasta La Bye Bye party for Pete and Sully of Maiden Mongolia. Stop by and wish them well. For health reasons this is their last Pennsic. On Market Street outside booth 72. BYOB

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Aurora, Tsivia, Asa, Gwerydd, Beatrice: Where are you? The urchins are revolting! We have no stories! People are throwing their money on the ground! Our webs are hopelessly tangled! What shall we do?!? -- Brains

Josef: Will you marry me again? I love you! - Your Wif.

Vivat Ursus! Vivat Svana!

Thank you St. Lawrence for favours granted - A Carolingian

ROE ADAMS, KEITH DREW or anyone who knows them - please contact Coryn at Mediaeval Misc., Space #26

Seeking tree (to climb). Are you on site? If so, please come visit - top of the hill. - C

William T. Wilde is at N30 across from the big castle. Looking for Ann & John Krone and family. Lady Behbin Stephanie are you here? I miss my old Indiana friends from Greyhope! My phone is (941)493-2803.

Bowbreaker, my love, I am so happy thtat your first Pennsic is with me. - Yours always, Ysabel

Mistress Catherine Applebee of Calontir was involved in a serious auto accident in Phoenix on Memorial Day. She has only recently returned home and still faces many months of rehabilitation but her progress has been good. We of Calontir seek aid from the Known World to help cover the long-term costs. Donations will be accepted at Please Touch Pottery, Calontir Trim, Ash and Griffin Pottery, Tomes and Tunes, and Wolfram’s Wondrous Wares as well as the Calontir Royal Pavilion.

Your Majesty Maryrose, the ransom has yet to be paid. I begin to grow concerned. Skorri

Hroar to Huette - I look forward to 50 year of joy with you Love X a billion.

Happy Birthday to Kashka of House Grylion from the Barony of Flaming Gryphon - We love you!!

Norseland - Hope your Pennsic is wonderful. Hugs & Love from those you left behind! :)

Master Hroar Stormganger is departing the Midrealm for Caid in two weeks. Please visit at booth 66.

Happy Anniversary to Yiyi and Kylo, ffrom the Great Sea Wizards.

Congratulations to Black Talon for 15 great years of brother/sisterhood on the field and off.

Octavia Columella, my tent and my heart have been empty without you. Welcome back to Pennsic.

Edward who is called Edward. Welcome to your first Pennsic. Gaudeamus Igitur

Michelle Hartz Coutts - Contact Smoke and Fire Co. Immediately! Please! Donlyn Meyers, owner.

Bright Hills and Friends: Mike and Elizabeth Schechter have had a baby boy, Jacob Anthony, Tue am.

Foscadh (FOS-Midrealm) Congratulations! You have now fought in ALL 35 Pennsic Wars!!!

I’m OW you’re OW we’re all OW! I love you, Christina-KH

If you hear this war cry you must be on the hill...BOOBIES!!!

O ye of Pennsic by Night renown. There is beauty to be captured. Let us meet. Aoife, Eoforwic, W08

Sir Gullaume - There is only so much absurdity that two people create. We need the respectable member of our trinity back. Signed, Og and Master Red.

Crys, having a ball (thanks to you!) love you sweetie! your lady, Heather

Maggie - so glad the last 10 years meant so much. Who are you? Fergus

Alaine, you are the Baroness of my heart. All my love, AB

Maggie - Who are you? - Fergus’ Wife

Cadets - Good job in that “Fool” battle! - AB

Who my lady is now none shall know, and it shall be the secret of my heart.The things abound that keep us far apart and fill my empty hours with naught but woe. Oh, Lacrime, as bitter my tears flow as I wait on her hour that will impart some spark of joy whose fire may never start to warm our days with love’s sweet gentle glow. My heart is yours, though spurned my love may be for who shall ever end your wanderings ways and give you haven when your heart shall roam? I cannot cage my love, who must be free to chase her dreams across sweet endless days, yet I may wish my heart could be her home. -- Carlos Zauberbergius

Amber is the jewel of my heart, honey gold, warm. She captures me, preserved forever, my love.

We love and miss you terribly Duchess Luna. Your Northern Ravens

Maggie - We need to talk. - Fergus’ Mistress

Sir Ow - you have fought well and my honor stands intact. I love you always - T

Red hatter looking for other Red Hat Society. Katerina Hereksdottir, Norseland E23

Amon Lor, my thanks for your company. - Fiona

Wanted to Buy

Quahog shell, do you have it? Can you get it? Bring it to Serpent’s Eye, #85 Street of Gold to trade.

Wednesday Battlefield Report

By DonalBane of Blakmers

Battlefield Reporter for the Pennsic Independent

Allied Champions Battle

After seven War Points: East Tygers 5, Midrealm Dragons 2

One of the most intense combats every year at Pennsic is the Allied Champions’ battle and this year proved no different. This year’s battle was fought over two banners. If one side could seize the other side’s banners and return it to its own side, it would earn a point. The first army to score seven points would win the battle and the war point. Also, fighters were allowed to resurrect only in two or four minute intervals.

About 100 allied champions lined up on each side of the field and charged into each other at the sound of the cannon. In the first 17 minutes of fighting, the two sides traded points, but the Tyger’s allies then took over. Although the East’s allies had one point disallowed for failure to show the banner, the East scored the final five points. Twice the East’s allies timed their attack perfectly so they seized the banner just before the Midrealm allies resurrected and then made Barry Sanders-type runs back to their own side. One time, however, the East tried this trick only to have the fighter with the banner ran down by half of the Midrealm allies.

The end came at the 40:26 mark when fighters from Northshield seized the banner, weaved through traffic and scored the decisive point. The East’s allies won 5-2, giving the Tyger the War Point and, combined with the results from the archery champions the previous evening, a 5-2 lead in the war.

Known World Tourney

TRMs East and Midrealm jointly hosted the Known World Tournament Wednesday afternoon. HRM Brion said he thought it was vital for the two kingdoms to meet on the field, not only in great battle, but also in deeds of arms. To that end, Their Majesties held a tournament with four weapons styles: greatsword, polearm, single sword and sword and shield. The winner in each weapons style would then meet to determine the champion of the day.

The dominant figure on the list this day was Duke Edmund of Hertford of the Midrealm, who won both the single sword and polearm lists and made the finals in the greatsword list before losing to Duke Gregor Von Heisler of the East. In the sword and shield list, Sahcha of Darkmoon from the Midrealm was victorious.

Duke Edmund earned a bye in the semifinals, while Sahcha bested Duke Gregor with the sword and shield. In the finals, Duke Edmund sealed his victory, besting Sahcha with mace and shield. All three list winners were presented scrolls by Their Majesties.

Æthelmearc defends its house, wins castle

By DonalBane of Blakmers

Battlefield Reporter for the Pennsic Independent

For the first time in recent memory, the armies of the East and Midrealm united against a common foe. The two belligerent nations joined forces to storm the Pennsic Fort against the forces of Æthelmearc, which were determined to hold defend their home turf in the Castle Battle.

According to HRM Malcolm of Æthelmearc, his Kingdom had secured aid from Atlantia, Clovenshield, Black Talon and others to help defend the castle. Æthelmearc also got a big boost as the Tuchux sided with the Æthelmearcians for the battle.

Per rules of the battle, Æthelmearc was allowed to post a force of 200 fighters outside its gates, who were allowed one resurrection upon returning to the castle. Forces inside the castle and the entire attacking force were not allowed to resurrect.

At the sound of the cannon, the first five minutes of the fight were spent with both sides sniping at each other with ballista, arrow and trebuchet fire. Leonard One Leg, an archer in Duchy Von Drachenklaue who uses a motor scooter, fired one of the first volleys. Leonard’s volley was greeted with cheers from both sides.

After a few minutes, House Bloodguard took the initiative and charged up the west bridge. The bulk of the attacking force soon followed and, after a few minutes fighting, Æthelmearc’s outer defenses were overrun.

Cracking the main gate and western sally point proved much more difficult. Entrenched forces from Æthelmearc held their positions well for most of the battle, despite constant fire and repeated charges.

With the Tuchux in central reserve, Æthelmearc’s position appeared solid. The Tuchux had to commit one of their units to contain a small breakout at the sally point and a second one to contain a final rush on the gate. Once those charges were contained, however, HRM Malcolm ordered his forces to shift from defense to offense.

“It was just a gut feeling,” HRM Malcolm said, with a smile. “It was just time to close the door.”

Æthelmearc’s remaining forces poured through the main gate and proceeded to sweep over any remaining enemy forces. The end came when the final force of the Spartans holding at the sally point were eliminated.

“We wanted to make them work on the outside,” HRM Malcolm said of his opponents. “Once they got inside, we wanted them to come to us. They were very, very intelligent in the way they fought. It was just a matter of them not having enough to get past us.”

HRM Brion of the East said he was also satisfied with the battle.

“Our intent was to create a realistic castle battle and I think we accomplished that,” HRM Brion said. “To me, it played out just perfect. It went the way of Æthelmearc because they fought very well. We just didn’t have the guys to pull through.”

Today’s big battle: The Field Battle

It’s time for the main event. This year there will be two open field battles, the second of which will allow for combat archery. Each battle is worth one War Point and both will be fought to the last man standing.

What to watch for: The first charge. It’s difficult not to be inspired by the spectacle of more than 1,000 warriors crashing headlong into each other for glory and kingdom.