Moonwulf Concert Benefits Duchess Ariel

By Julie of Blackmers
For the Pennsic Independent

A Pennsic favorite took the stage five minutes early Saturday night at the Arts and Sciences stage, before a packed house and a crowd that was already raring to go.
After casually chatting with audience members, Duke Moonwulf (Michael Longcor) grabbed his guitar, leapt to the stage and asked, “Anyone care if we start early?” The crowd’s roar of approval needed no interpretation. The entertainer welcomed his audience into the show by opening with “Dance a Little Dance.”
After the first set, Duke Moonwulf, in his own grand tradition, announced the previously unknown beneficiary of funds raised at this year’s concert: The Memorial Fund for Duchess Arielle of Atlantia, who recently passed away. Money raised will go toward the lingering medical and other expenses her family has incurred. The proverbial hat was passed, and the audience responded with enthusiasm to the exceedingly worthy cause.
For an hour, Duke Moonwulf, his drummer and dancers, continued to enchant an audience of loyal fans who sang right along. At one point he asked, “So I hear you got some rain? … No, you didn’t.” Then, Duke Moonwulf regaled the audience with the classic musical tale of Pennsic IV, which saw nine inches of rain in three days.
Duke Moonwulf sent his enthusiastic audience off with a lullaby sure to endear itself to mothers everywhere, in which the singer promises the child that the demons under the bed would surely “eat him up.” With that, Duke Moonwulf left his audience smiling and cheerful and undeterred by tales of treacherous demons.