OG on those Cordially Cordials

To me there is no better sound than, "OG, you got to try this." It is music to my ears.
The start of another new taste adventure.
OG on those Cordially Cordials
I have many books on the subject, one with over 400 recipes. As with many things in the SCA you can learn the basic “how to” in a short amount of time, but to perfect it may take a lifetime. Vodka + flavoring + sugar water = very basic cordials. Neither fermentation nor yeast is necessary. They can be drunk very young but will improve with a little age. The varieties are endless: lemon, lime, violet, rose for example. Cherry or strawberry cordials are great for beginners. You can have banana, galingale, ginger, clove, coriander, Irish creme, Kahlua, chocolate-covered cherry, Captain Black, Fog cutters, butterscotch, and hundreds more. I have made my own ouzo. I like the store bought brands better. They’re cheaper. Orange ZAP, made with moonshine is another I have tried.
I remember a cordial class we had at Pennsic many years ago. It had 40 people, 25 bottles, and 103-degree temperature. At the end we all had a good rolling sweat going and I, for one, could not find my way home. AHHH, the GOOD TIMES!
I have made a garlic cordial that would take your breath away, but it was great with pizza. A man came up to me with a light green nearly fluorescent liquid. "OG, you have got to try this," he said to me. I took a drink. "Can you guess what it is?" he asked me.
I took a second swig. It was green apple Jolly Rancher candies and Everclear.
A man has created JabaÒero cordial. He made it extra sweet and he served it cold.
It tastes wonderful and goes down smooth and it is in your stomach before you find out that it just may be RADIOACTIVE!

Lords and Ladies Charge your glasses and raise them high!
To the great brewers of the SCA!
Filling our glasses for over 40 years now. Thank you! As long as there is an OG, someone will be willing to drink it. To you and yours…

Drink well
Drink often
Drink with…