Pennsic Closes with Smiles and Friendship

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter–Pennsic Independent

A sense of friendship and new beginnings presided over Closing Ceremonies Friday at the barn as 12 sovereigns from the Known World came forward to close Pennsic XXXVIII.
The Kingdom of Aethelmearc arrived first and followed to the dais by the sovereigns, with TRM of the East and Midrealm coming in last.
Each sovereign spoke the populace, mainly of how much fun they had and how many new friends they made during this War. Appeals were also made for the populace to attend Gulf Wars, Estrella War, the Great Western War, and even Rowny Festival in Lochac.
The two belligerent sovereigns spoke last, though it was clear there was no belligerence between them.
“This really has been a good Pennsic,” HRM Andreas of the East said. “Something changed this War. We hope everyone tells stories about this year. We must always remember that we are a family.”
HRM Andreas noted there were 300 more fighters on the field this year, which he felt was due to the trust everyone put in the new War format.
HRM Andreas noted the East “barely, barely squeaked by” to win the traditional War. He closed by telling his fellow sovereigns, “If you’re ever in Jersey, look us up.”
HRM EikBrandr of the Midrealm made it clear he was ecstatic with the War.
“This time of change at War need not be a one-time shot,” HRM EikBrandr said. “This War has created an evolution at Pennsic. There is no one here that we should hate. No one else out there is like us.”
“Who we really are are brothers in arms,” EikBrandr added, and then embraced Andreas, to the cheers of the crowd.
HRM EikBrandr also noted the allies won the new War.
The War Horn was then summoned and Baron Master Rocco Barbarossa of House Darkyard blew a high blast to officially end the War.
The Pennsic countdown then commenced and three gentles were left standing at the end, signifying their attendance at the first Pennsic.
In the last act of Closing Ceremonies, TRM Andreas and EikBrandr switched places on the dais to stand with the other’s queen, before the four belligerent sovereigns – no longer belligerent – walked out arm in arm to the cheers of the populace.