PI Monday August 9, 2010

Let there be WAR!!

By Lord DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter, Pennsic Independent

A perfect summer morning at the Pennsic Fort provided the backdrop for the Opening Ceremonies Sunday. Some pointed fashion displays helped provide the impetus to officially start Pennsic XXXIX.
As is custom, Æthelmearc came to the dais first, about 20 minutes before the two belligerent kingdoms arrived. When the Midrealm and East arrived, they marched in side-by-side with a host that included royalty from nearly every kingdom in the Known World.
When all the royalty and populace had assembled, HRM Malcolm of Æthelmearc gave warm greetings to the crowd.
“Greetings and welcome to these fields of Pennsic!” HRM Malcolm said. “Never in my experience before have I seen the joy and friendship between my cousins and the people of the Known World running so strong.”
HRM Malcolm then gave way to HRM Edward the Grey of the East, who also greeted the populace, but noted he had a question for HRM Radagaisus of the Midrealm. HRM Edward noted he loved the blue Tyger, which is sacred to the East.
“How came you thus to have a blue Tyger upon your shoulder and on the floor in your court?” HRM Edward asked.
HRM Radagaisus responded that he knew the Tyger was a versatile creature, such as the pelt he wore upon his shoulder.
“We noted there were unusually large Tygers unusually close to our borders,” HRM Radagaisus said. “We thought they were a threat to us. We thought it best to eliminate the threat.”
HRM Radagaisus then noticed HRM Edward was wearing a cape of what appeared to be dragon skin.
HRM Edward noted that in his travels, he could not put a foot down without stepping on a dragon. He noted even the smallest ones had value and went so far as to toss a basket of dragon skins to the crowss.
HRM Radagaisus took offense at this, but HRM Malcolm interceded. His Sylvan Majesty noted he had been “greatly impressed” with both his cousins and encouraged them to “look beyond certain historical differences.”
HRM Edward said he would like to move beyond such differences and presented HRM Radagaisus with an arrow. As he was accepting the arrow, however HRM Radagaisus accidentally broke the arrow, causing the cannons to sound.
“Having been in this situation before, I believe this means War!” HRM Malcolm said, drawing huge cheers from the crowd.
The roll of the Kingdoms then began with Æthelmearc declaring first for the Midrealm.
HRM Tristan of Atenveldt announced that a “Western Coalition” had been formed. For the first time in memory, Atenveldt, Caid, the West and An Tir will fight as one, and on the side of the East.
HRM Jean Paul of Ansteorra then broke with tradition and declared his kingdom would ally itself with Trimaris. Trimaris would later declare for the Midrealm.
All three of the Midrealm’s former principalities will fight for the Dragon, as Ealdormere, Northshield and Calontir declared for the Midrealm. The Outlands also declared for the Midrealm, honoring its alliance with Calontir.
HRM Jason of Atlantia said he would honor his kingdom’s long-standing brotherhood with the East. Drachenwald, Artemesia and Lochac also declared for the East
Meridies and Gleann Abhann did not declare at the ceremony.
The Holy Kingdom of Acre, which is celebrating its 30th year, said it would continue its long alliance with the East.
The Great Dark Horde spoke last and presented an arrow to the Midrealm to cement its alliance.
House Darkyard then brought forth the Pennsic War Horn to the dais. HRM Edward then took the horn and let forth two breathy blasts to open the war.
Their Majesties then addressed the crowd for the final time.
“People of the kingdoms of the Known World… “ HRM Edward said.
“… Let there be War!” HRM Radagaisus completed.
The belligerent kings then escorted each other’s consorts off the dais to close the ceremony.

Saturday Battlefield Report

By Lord DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter, Pennsic Independent

Ealdormere Unbelted Tournament
One of the Known World’s best-loved melee tournaments took center stage after Opening Ceremonies, as the Ealdormere Unbelted Tournament returned. Ten-man teams representing six kingdoms and one fighting household took part in the round-robin tournament.
For the second straight year, the team representing the Kingdom of Atlantia emerged victorious from the tournament with a 6-0 record. TRM Quilliam and Dagmar of Ealdormere gave each member of the team drinking horns.
Records from other teams in the tournament included: Æthelmearc 5-1, East 4-2, Ealdormere 3-3, Midrealm 2-4, Calontir 1-5 and the Order of the Lost Boys 0-6
After the tourney, TRM Quilliam and Dagmar also put THL Baldric, commander of the Ealdormeran unbelts, on vigil for the Order of Chivalry.

Warriors of History Tournament
Duchy von Drachenklaue’s Order of the Cataphract hosted the Warriors of History Tournament Sunday afternoon. This tournament encourages all warriors to don period armor kits with documentation. This year’s theme was “spears of all kinds,” leading to spear and dagger combat from most of the 15 participants.
After a brief Roman melee to start the festivities, the warriors fought a double elimination tournament. It was an all-Roman final to the tournament as Tiberius Iulius Rufus bested Gnaius two bouts to one in the final.
Baron Richard Larmer, who wore 14th century English armor, was honored for having the best armor kit.


Bard’s Haven is open for business! Also, Celtic Bardic is Tues at 7p.m. in our camp on Willow Point.

Events Open To All
BAGPIPERS AND FANS NEEDED at the Mountain Confederation’s annual PIPERS COMPETITION Tues., E12 @ 8:30p.m. All ages welcome, ID needed to drink. Piper sign up starts @ 7:30p.m.
BPAL meet ‘n’ sniff Mon@3:00 at Camp Dancing Fox E01. All welcome, refreshments will be served.
Casa Bodacious now open! By the hour, half hour or act by special appointment. Group rates available.
Classes in engraving and repoussé from 10 a.m. on. Limit 6 per class. Class fee $5. Livonia Smithery, Booth Space 170, Fleet Street.
Correction: Caravansera Bukhara 8-11 pm Tuesday! Middle Eastern Tent Bring stories music dance you!
Drachenwald’s PCS Party & Court Aug. 9 @ 6pm in Drachenwald Royal N13. Friends welcome.
Looking for OBOD Members. Let’s meet Monday 8/9 @ Info Point @ 3 p.m.
Runvaldr classes evenings at 7 p.m. Holistic healing also good for other manifesting at Cabochons on 17 Bow St. Donations accepted to cover expenses.
The Ladies of the Rose Tourney will be held on Monday at noon. A Lady of the Rose may sponsor one unbelted fighter. The tourney will be a single elim that rolls into a bear pit tourney. Ladies of the Rose are encouraged to give their tokens to all worthy fighters.
TURKU in concert 8:30 p.m. Thursday August 12th. “The Turks are on the Walls” At the Fortress on the Main Battlefield.

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Venetian Rapier: The School, or Salle

Jack Marvell
Special to The Pennsic Independent

Tom Leoni, master of the modern translations of Italian fencing manuals, is back with the publication of Venetian Rapier: The School, or Salle.
Unlike Leoni’s previous work, The Art of Dueling, his sprawling, well-regarded translation of the Lo Schermo, overo Scienza d’Arme (1606) by Salvatore Fabris, Venetian Rapier is a minimalist tome — a 57-page distillation of the principles of the Italian rapier fight.
The book is a translation of a 1606 fencing manual authored by Nicoletto Giganti, who is both pragmatic and terse in his advice: “The whole artistry in our discipline consists of this: when you launch an attack, the opponent should receive a hit.”
Venetian Rapier does not offer a comprehensive theoretical system of rapier fighting, rather Giganti provides a practical curriculum for learning historical techiques.
The principles and techniques that Giganti sets down are familiar to any student of Italian rapier theory: guards and counter-guards, taking the tempo, the cavazione, gaining the sword, voids. He also includes a much more recognizable version of the modern lunge than advocated by Fabris.
Unlike the repertoire of diverse and sometimes acrobatic guards offered by Fabris, Giganti, in the section of the book dedicated to single sword, confines himself to versions of a simple high terza, both to the inside and outside lines, with examples of counter guards. He offers a pared down section of rapier-and-dagger guards, focusing on three “deceitful” guards that offer the fighter opportunities to capitalize upon time and measure.
Importantly, Giganti is rather clearer than Fabris in his explanation of “gaining the sword,” an essential technique that basically involves pre-parrying an attack, and offers more examples:
“To set yourself against the opponent’s guard, stand out of measure, with the sword and dagger high, strong in your body placement and with your stance firm and secure; then, examine the opponent’s guard and slowly proceed to gain the sword by just about resting your blade over his, as if covering it.”
There are flaws to the work. The illustrations are of rather poorer quality than those found in the Art of Dueling, as the anatomical proportions of the figures can be rather skewed. Leoni also points out that there are distinct discrepancies between some of the images and the descriptions found in the text, surmising that the illustrations could have originated as generic stock images.
Venetian Rapier: The School, or Salle is published by Freelance Academy Press, www.freelanceacademypress.com. Revival Clothing is hosting Freelance Academy Press at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 10. There will be a special opportunity for author autographs and to meet and socialize the the Press team.

While the Worm Turns

By Lady Mary of Montevale
Features Reporter, Pennsic Independent

At Sunday’s Day of Fiber-y Goodness in Artisan’s Row, this reporter’s nose was first drawn to a large heap of “skirted” wool which had already had the worst edges removed, but which had not yet even been washed—because of its distinctive barnyard fragrance.
Only moments later, however, a strange wooden contraption caught my eye. It proved to be a Piedmont Reel for reeling silk, reconstructed from a period Italian woodcut by THL Serena Kimbalwyke, this year’s Middle Kingdom A&S Champion.
Lady Serena raises her own domesticated silkworms (and yes, she also has the mulberry trees whose leaves comprise the silkworms’ diet), and I soon found that she knows more about these insects, their biology, and their “product” than almost anyone who doesn’t have a Ph.D. in entomology.
Most people reading this article probably already know that silkworms and silk-making began in China about 4,000 years ago, and the Chinese continued to have a corner on the silk market for a very long time. In the Middle Ages, European silk production was a big industry in what is now modern-day Italy and in parts of France.
But did you know that you can control a silk worm’s rate of development by changing the temperature of its environment? Or that by controlling the light/dark cycle to which it is exposed, you can control whether the worm will be one who hibernates or one who develops in the summer?
Or that genotyping of domestic silkworms has shown their original ancestor from the wild still exists as a species today?
The silkworm only eats in its caterpillar stage. Some modern silkworm farmers prefer to feed the insects commercial silk worm chow rather than mulberry leaves in order to have cocoons available year round. When the adult moths are ready to leave their cocoons, they do not chew their way out, however, medieval people believed that they did. We now know that the moth who is ready to leave the cocoon secretes an enzyme which weakens the “glue” of the strands which form the cocoon, and then the moth crawls out.
This process of the moth leaving the cocoon creates a problem for the person who wants to make reeled silk (the smooth, shiny, “silky feeling” version of the fabric) because it destroys spots in the long filament which the caterpillar produced to spin his cocoon.
(Silk noile, often called “raw” silk in modern times, is the non-shiny fabric with a slubbed surface, and it is made from short fibers. It is referred as “spun” silk, as opposed to “reeled” silk.)
To reel silk, you have to “stifle” the cocoons before the moth has begun to produce the enzyme mentioned earlier. In period times, silk makers did this by steaming the cocoons or placing them in boiling water. [Hey, we do this to lobsters and clams!] Lady Serena freezes her cocoons; she believes it is more humane than the heat methods. She also added that since insects cannot regulate their own body temperature, it may not really matter.
The medieval definition of “raw” silk was “silk that has been reeled but had not been further processed.” This is why extant period records speak of shipping raw silk: they were referring to spools of reeled silk thread which has not yet been woven into fabric.
The secret to successfully reeling silk on the Piedmont Reel is first to find, on the cocoon which has been soaked in hot water, the “one true filament” which is the continuous one. The silk filament goes from the cocoon to the casting arm of the reel which is connected to a turning bobbin. This distributes the filament over the arms of the reel in such a way that wet silk does not rest on already-dried silk. It dries very quickly and is wound off onto a spool.
At this point, several threads do feel to the hand like the silk from which ladies’ fine veils are made, and it is a white color. The silk on the reel as displayed at Artisans’ Row was about 18 cocoons’ worth.
Lady Serena has also raised wild silk worms, and her next project will be to reel wild cocoons. Because the “glue” of the wild cocoons is a tougher substance than that of the domesticated product, she expects she will have to soak the wild cocoons in a basic solution (such as lye) and not in water, which has been proven to break the filament of wild cocoons. She also wants to investigate whether the toughness of the wild cocoons might be based on the silkworms’ diet in the wild or on other factors.
She will be teaching a class on “Reeling Silk with the Piedmont Reel,” this Wednesday at 1 p.m. Please check the Arts and Sciences additions for August 11, either at A&S Point or in the Pennsic Independent, for the location of her class.