PI Saturday August 6 2011

Playing With Clay

By Lady Mary of Montevale
Features Reporter


Artisans’ Row hosted its first ever Pottery Day on Friday, and it proved to be quite a popular (and delightfully messy) activity for all ages. “Pottery is great for families,” said instructor Baroness Laurens de Vitrolles (Caer Adamant, East). “You can develop your skills as you go along.”
She and other potters at Pennsic decided that a pottery day would be the best solution for overflow attendance at the more traditional pottery classes conducted in previous years. An almost equal mixture of adults and youth were working at four plastic-covered tables on Friday. The day’s heat meant that everyone needed to frequently moisten their clay to keep it from becoming too dry to work with easily.
Sir Ragnar Karlsson (March of Tirnewydd, Middle) brought his daughter Zoe and her best friend Wendy, both age four, and he was busy fashioning two drinking cups, one for each of them. “This is easy kid entertainment,” the novice-to-clay knight explained as he used his palms to roll out long ropes of reddish-brown clay on the tabletop and then coil them to form the cylinder of a cup. Zoe had already used a rubber stamp with a floral pattern to embellish a lozenge-shaped medallion for her mother.
Liz (East) had also chosen to make a cup of coiled clay rope, but instead of smoothing its exterior with her fingers moistened in water, she was using a wooden tool to incise marks evenly along the coils so that the surface of her cup with resemble a woven basket.
Baroness Laurens announced that all the items created at Pottery Day would receive their first, or bisque, firing sometime next week provided that they were sufficiently dried by then. Master Simon de Okewode, who has a kiln at the War, has generously offered space in his third firing of this Pennsic next week.
The dark, damp clay being rolled by hand or large rolling pin on Friday will become a terra cotta (orange) color after that first firing. One way to create a lovely patina of age on the pieces, the Baroness told me, is to rub them with black or brown shoe polish (instead of using a glaze) so the dark color of the polish settles into the 3-D designs stamped or carved into the item.
Her Excellency got involved in pottery when she was an art major in college and has been teaching it in the SCA for about a decade.
Friday she was teaching some older youths and adults about making clay tiles which might be used in a garden or for some decorative purpose indoors. Even with wooden guide strips and rolling pins to guarantee a tile of even depth all over, and with a variety of rubber stamps to make Celtic patterns, medieval flora and fauna, or Oriental chrysanthemums, the tile maker’s hands are going to get dirty. But that’s part of the fun of playing with clay.
A particularly nice tile was being created by Telyn (Æthelmearc) who will be a high school senior this fall. When he was finished, the Baroness came over to inspect his handiwork. “This is the essence of a medieval tile!” she exclaimed to the grinning young man.

Random Acts of Cents-Less Violence

By Dara of House Gawain
Martial Reporter


The second annual Rapiers to Riches rapier tourney was held on August 5. It was presided over by Lord Lorenzo di Calabria of the Barony of Brendoken of the Middle Kingdom. Lord Antonio of Gwyntarian was to be a co-marshal. Unfortunately, Lord Antonio was not able to make it. Rumors abound that he was waylaid by pirates or the legendary gremlins in an attempt on the prize he was to have brought with him. However, Lord Lorenzo bravely made sure the tourney went on (mostly) as planned.
The rules were explained. Everyone began with five coins (even if they joined the tourney ten minutes before the end). Any fighter with coins could challenge any other fighter with coins, winner take all. If a fighter was broke, then his or her only recourse was to find another broke fighter to ally with and mug a fighter that still had coins. If both muggers survived the fight, the coins were split between them according to their own arrangements. If their ‘victim’ managed to kill one of the muggers, the surviving mugger kept all. If all members in a fight died...well, that was a surprise for the tourney itself. The fighters had two hours to collect as many coins as they could while avoiding being mugged. No challenge could be refused.
Attacking from behind was not allowed but backstabbing abounded throughout this event. There was not much honor among thieves as many muggers would land the killing blow on the victim and then stab or be stabbed by their recent ally.
Since this was a two-hour event, rests were allowed and even encouraged as the sun shone down on the field, enjoying the chaos below. Late arrivals (also known as new victims) were welcomed with five coins and an overview of the rules before being sent forth to be stalked by the prowling mugging teams. Even those that arrived less than 15 minutes before the end of event were welcomed with open arms and eager rapiers.
Within the first ten minutes of the tourney, two fighters managed to kill each other at the same time and Lord Lorenzo was called over to explain what was to happen. With a mischievous smile, he collected all the coins from the two ‘corpses’ and called all the fighters over so they could witness this rule that had been hidden until now. Having their full attention, he announced, “Here you see two dead bodies in an alley.” Pointing to a random fighter among the onlookers, he handed that fighter all the coins because, after all, corpses cannot have coins. Double kills (or triple kills in the rare cases when victims took both muggers with him or her) resulted in all the coins being collected by the nearest marshal who gave them to whatever random fighter was nearby. Of course, this most often resulted in the double kill corpses watching where the coins went and immediately becoming mugging allies to stalk down the ‘lucky’ fighter.
Eventually, though, time was called and the last fights were resolved. Those with heavy purses were called to present their coin count to Lord Lorenzo and the winners were announced.
With 71 coins, Rook Sweetecok of the Barony of Unserhafen from the Outlands was the winner. Second place went to Robin Archer Dragun of the House Accursed Grail of the Barony of Maursus of the Kingdom of Atlantia. The Italian bank in the form of Lord Lorenzo, of course, began collecting the coins back but, as he was unarmed, he did not charge the fighters interest on the coins he had lent them for the tourney.
In addition to the fun, the tourney offered the participants a chance to hone their skills in fighting side by side with other fighters and conserving their strength for a long fight. This will be a boon to them as they fight tomorrow in the Storming of La Rochelle at 10 AM in which the defenders of the castle will need to work together to survive wave after wave of attackers.

To Absent Friends

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton and Dame Tsivia bas Tamara v’Amberview
Elainaedit.jpg Tancrededit.jpg

Each year we come to Pennsic, rejoicing in seeing old friends and making new ones. Unfortunately, each year we miss faces that are no longer here in our midst. This past year was particularly tough for losses, especially for those who have become accustomed to seeing Pennsic regulars.
Mack Cooper
Frank “Mack” Cooper, the surviving patriarch of the Cooper family that has operated Cooper’s Lake for over forty years, passed away on April 1 of this year at the age of 84. Mack was known for his sense of humor, warm smile, and generosity, and still was a vital presence at Pennsic. He could often be spotted as he drove to “work” around the campground waving to friends, or as he sat on the front porch of the Coopers’ Store, sharing coffee and conversation. He was recognized as a Baron of the Court jointly by the East and the Middle Kingdom in 1980, and is remembered as a true gentleman. His wife Betty survives him, as do a number of other members of the Cooper and Wilver families. A memorial service is planned for Monday at 4 PM on the battlefield. All are invited to sign a memory book in his honor.
Baron Tancred of Tanglewood
Customers of Tancred’s Tangled Woods will be saddened to hear of Baron Tancred of Tanglewood’s passing on May 15 from lung cancer. His hand-made coronet boxes, mirror boxes, chests, lanterns, and banner stands spread all over the Known World because of their craftsmanship and practicality. The Pennsic Independent was a satisfied customer and our banner hangs proudly to this day from one of his banner stands. A visit to his shop at Pennsic always meant the smell of fresh wood and a friendly “Hi, darlin’” from the shop’s proprietor, wearing his wooden coronet and drinking his ever-present coffee (preferably Tim Horton’s with a shot of English Toffee).
Introduced to the SCA by his son, Tancred later served as Baron of Rising Waters (Niagara/St. Catharines) in Ealdormere. He overcame a number of challenges to become one of the oldest fighters ever authorized in Ealdormere and was also known for his inspiration and leadership of youth fighters. He was devoted to his lady wife, Baroness Rosalinda, and is remembered for his deep-seated sense of justice and boundless hospitality.
If you remember Baron Tancred fondly, please feel free to stop by his shop at the corner at the corner of Woad Way and Street of Dreams. Many of his family and friends are staffing the shop during the War to sell his remaining inventory and to visit with those he touched. At his wake, it was announced that there will be an award introduced in his memory within the Kingdom of Caid, and other such commemorations are said to be in the works in groups closer to home. The annual Tribute Ship that sails each Pennsic in honour of the departed will bear a sail in his memory.
Countess Elaina of Oaklawn
She was the smiling face so many knew well, and she always had an answer to your question. “Where are the A&S tents?” “How do I find Midrealm Royal?” “What’s the nearest hospital to the site?” She was often the first voice heard by callers to Pennsic when they needed to reach someone in an encampment with news.
In an era before tweets and BlackBerries, Countess Elaina of Oaklawn was “Miss-Information” and served as Pennsic’s head of Information Point for about 15 years. Countess Elaina had lived in numerous kingdoms during her years in the Society, including Caid, Ealdormere, Ansteorra, and the East Kingdom, where she served as Queen during the glorious 25th year of the Society. Her exquisitely executed fine cross-stitch was sold for garb-trim through Medieval Miscellanea. Her hand-crocheted snoods were worn by many women, sold by Thorny Rose and Intriguing Designs from the East to An Tir. But it was as “Countess Mom” that she is best remembered, encouraging both new members and old-timers to do their best as artisans, as fighters, as volunteers.
Despite increasing levels of chronic pain due to back and other injuries, Elaina always had a smile on. She rarely wore her county coronet while on the job, saying that she did not want to intimidate people who needed advice. Countess Mom died suddenly on April 10th of this year in her home in the canton of Caldrithig (Ottawa) in Ealdormere. She is survived by her beloved husband Master Cerdic O’Cuileamhain, OP. Her work at Information Point will be remembered as the road in front of the store that encircles Information Point has now been renamed “Elaina’s Circle.” A memorial for Countess Elaina will be held after Midrealm Court (approximately 10 PM) on Thursday night of War Week, presided over by Lady Ariadne Flaxenhair of Æthelmearc, reception by Mistress Aibhilin fra Skye of Ealdormere. If the weather is good it will be held on the Runestone Field; if the weather is inclement, it will be held in the Middle Eastern Dance tent. All are invited to attend and bring their anecdotes and remembrances to share.


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