PI Monday August 8 2011

An XL-Sized Pennsic Starts With a Bang

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter

The official start of Pennsic War XL took place under bright skies Sunday afternoon. For the 40th time, the Known World assembled to open the festivities of War.
Per tradition, the Kingdom of Æthelmearc assembled first in the Pennsic Fort with the battlements draped in red shields with escarbuncles, a host of Æthelmearcians awaited their cousins from throughout the Known World.
The East Kingdom and the Midrealm marched in together, with their respective allies following behind. Representatives from all 19 Known World kingdoms, the Holy Kingdom of Acre and the Great Dark Horde came forth.
Once all had assembled, HRM Christopher of Æthelmearc addressed the populace and offered welcome.
“We assure you this will be the greatest celebration in the history of the Known World,” HRM Christopher said.
HRM Morgan of Æthelmearc then also welcomed the populace and expressed her hope that all who met on the battlefield this war would leave as friends.
HRM Christopher then asked the assembled populace for a moment of silence for Mack Cooper, in honor of the late owner of Cooper’s Lake. HRM then reminded the populace of the memorial services for Mack Cooper Monday at 4 p.m., honoring the man who had played host to Pennsic for the last 34 wars.
“He has given us this through his efforts and hard work,” HRM Christopher said.
Master Vorlin o’r Gwig of the Midrealm then told the story of how the first Pennsic War came to be, telling of how then King Cariadoc answered a challenge from a former Midrealm King — Cariadoc himself.
”Cariadoc obliged by declaring war on his former kingdom and was thoroughly trounced,” Master Vorlin said, much to the amusement of the crowd.
After the tale was told, the Kings of the two belligerent lands stepped forward.
HRM Arch of the Midrealm, claiming he was the one who was wronged, spoke first. HRM Arch claimed that, during a routine trade mission in the spring, his merchants were “set upon by those wearing blue Tygers” and robbed of their possessions.
HRM Lucan of the East disputed the claim, but agreed to settle the dispute.
“To prove who is right, we shall have a contest and a War,” HRM Lucan said.
Their Majesties then broke a war arrow, setting off the cannons and garnering cheers from the crowd.
The roll of the Kingdoms was then called to declare their alliances, beginning with the hosting Kingdom. HRM Christopher said Æthelmearc would join forces with its mother kingdom in the East.
The Kingdoms of the West, Atenveldt, An Tir, Atlantia, Trimaris, Artemesia and Gleann Abhann all declared for the East. The Holy Kingdom of Acre also declared for the East, honoring the 30th year of the treaty between the two Kingdoms.
TRM of Caid, Ansteorra, Calontir, Outlands, Drachenwald and Ealdormere all declared for the Midrealm. Master Robin Gallowglass declared Meredies’ alliance with the Midrealm in absence of his king, while Master William Castille did the same for Lochac.
HRM Morgan of Northshield then spoke and claimed his kingdom had thought long and hard about whom to side with. In the end, HRM Morgan said his kingdom cared about fairness and having a good fight. For that reason, Northshield’s armored combatants would fight for the Midrealm, its rapier fighters would fight for the East and its archers would choose whom they fought for individually.
The Great Dark Horde was last to declare. After first asking if the 40-year old dispute could be settled by thumb wrestling, the Khan of the Horde declared his warriors to the Midrealm.
With all kingdoms declared, House Darkyard was summoned to provide the Pennsic War Horn. After it was brought to the dais, HRM Arch took the horn and declared, “Let there be War!” He then let loose a high-toned blast to open the War. The sound of war was quick in coming, as a space was cleared in front of the dais for the Heroic Champions’ battle.
The Midrealm and East each called forth five of their greatest champions to meet each other in single combat. The combat took place in front of the populace of the Known World. Whichever side claimed the most victories would claim them first War Point of Pennsic XL.
Saying he had never been so proud to serve on the battlefield, Duke Master Moonwulf stood forward first for the Midrealm. However, Sir Manfred von Halstern of the East beat him in the first bout.
Duke Sir Vissevald Selkirkson of the East then met Duke Sir Felix of Ramsey for the Middle. Duke Felix was victorious.
Duke Sir Rangvaldr Yahnson then faced Duke Sir Gavin Kilkenny and Duke Rangvaldr made it 2-1 Midrealm.
Duke Sir Eliahu Yitzakh then claimed the War Point for the Midrealm, defeating Master Feral von Halstern of the East.
The East’s Duke Master Randall of the Dark made the final tally 3-2 Midrealm as he defeated Duke Sir Dag Thorgrimson of the Midrealm in an entertaining bout.

Battle of Tortuga Rages

By Dara of House Gawain
Martial Reporter


Ship to ship combat raged off the coast at the Battle of Tortuga Rapier Tourney on August 7. Sergeant Barekr Silfri, known as Bear, coordinated this popular event again this year after a hiatus of two years.
Bear created this event to fulfill his typical pirate love of ship to ship combat. In developing the Battle of Tortuga, he studied historical pirate battles and came across a captain who, with his first mate, developed a unique way to inspire his crew in a battle. They would sail out to sea past the point of no return and find a likely target. On sighting their victim, the captain and first mate would drill holes in the hull of their own ship, and then announce what they had done to their own crew, telling them “Either you’re going home on that ship or you’re not going home at all.” This announcement inspired the crew to be aggressive in the fight, though one wonders how often the captain switched crews so as not to get on the wrong end of a sharp-edged discussion about the wisdom of sinking one’s own ship.
The would-be pirates gathered eagerly for this event and there was a large crowd ready to fight before the 10 AM start time. Stories remembered from previous Battles of Tortuga were eagerly swapped around the field.
Bear had laid out a design with tape and ribbons to represent two ships and the gangplanks between them. There was only one ‘normal’ plank with the rest being laid out in an N shape and a double wide plank.
There were to be three teams. Two teams represented the royal merchant ship with its military contingent and the other team represented the pirates. The pirates had unlimited resurrections but the merchants could only resurrect if they died by rubber band guns (RBGs). If a merchant fighter died by steel or water, they were out. The pirates had ten minutes to get on the merchant ship before their own boat sank.
Team 1 was the first to be the pirates. During the battle, teams 2 and 3 sent a sortie party over a plank onto the pirate ship where they were surrounded and killed by the pirates. This sortie party left a large hole in the merchants’ defenses which the pirates took advantage of, as pirates tend to do. The team 1 pirates took the merchant vessel and put all the merchant fighters to death in 1 minute 57 seconds.
In everyone’s eagerness, a few holes were put into the ships’ sides and the marshals had to take a moment to retie the ribbons.
Now it was Team 2’s turn to show their pirate mettle. Teams 1 and 3 gathered at each of the planks, refusing to advance and presenting the Team 2 pirates with a wall of steel. Encouragement to the merchants was repeated again and again, “Hold the pockets, strike the legs.” After all, a lame pirate is still on the plank and must be fought over and around. There was a remarkable example of honor, though, among the pirates. One pirate hit a good but stiff shot. He immediately pulled back on the plank and called out an apology to the merchant. The merchant acknowledged the hit and forgave the pirate but the pirate felt that, since it had been so stiff, he would make recompense by declaring himself dead and returning to the resurrection point, giving up his hard-fought position. In the end, Team 1 and Team 3 managed to hold off the pirate team for 3 minutes and 22 seconds before the pirates broke through on the double plank and put the merchants to death.
Team 3 took over the pirate ship and began their attack. They were also met with a wall of steel but their lame were not as much of a hindrance to them on the planks as Team 2’s had been. They simply walked up behind their injured fellows and, in true pirate tradition, slit their throats, throwing the now dead into the water and out of the way. Unfortunately, this tactic did not help them as much as hoped for since it took them 4 minutes and 43 seconds to finish off the merchant fighters, again breaking through on the double plank and flooding the merchant ship.
Next, Bear decided to let Eastern and Middle Kingdom and their allies vie for the bragging rights and ships. Eastern fighters and allies took one ship while the Midrealm and allies took the other. Two resurrections were allowed for each fighter. As soon as ‘Lay on’ was called, the Midrealm aggressively ran out onto the planks to attack the Eastern ship. The Eastrealm met them with a wall of steel and fought hard. The double plank again seemed the weak point and broke early. However, the Eastrealm rallied and killed off the Midrealm invaders. Two more times, the double plank broke but was reclaimed. However, on the fourth time, the double plank and the N plank broke at about the same time and the Midrealm swarmed over the Eastrealm, taking the ship in a total of 7 minutes and 56 seconds.
Bear decided to let his ships be used one more time for East versus Middle but added the provision that, this time, the Eastern ship was sinking. The Eastrealm eagerly took the planks and the Midrealm was put on the defensive. It was hard fought but none of the Midrealm pockets broke and, when the Eastrealm fighters retreated back to their sinking boat, many of the Midrealm fighters pursued them despite the cries of warning from their companions. The Midrealm fighters killed off the Eastrealm to the last fighter and then ran back across the plank at the urgings of their comrades to avoid a watery death. The fight took 5 minutes and 43 seconds.
With their blood up from the battles, the fighters gathered in groups to swap stories and make challenges to some of their opponents from the ship battles. The Midrealm fighters found their victories today to be a good omen for the first war point tourney. However, the Eastrealm fighters were quick to assure them that these victories had only been allowed to lull the Midrealm into a false sense of security. Only time will tell who is right and who is dead at the Rapier Town Battle on Monday.

SCA Census 2010: Separating Fact from Myth

By Lady Mary of Montevale
Features Reporter

If you are interested in knowing more about the SCA Census of 2010, how it was conducted and what some of the results are, try to make it to AS 7 on Tuesday at 4 PM in order to meet members of the Census committee and ask them questions. After an introduction made by Committee Chair Ysabeau of Prague (Barony of Bryn Gwlad, Ansteorra) in which she will go over the methodology for the census and discuss results and some of the key findings, the floor will be opened for a question and answer session.
Anyone is welcome to attend this meeting, whether you are a current member of the SCA or not and whether or not you responded to the census last year. As always, please check at A&S point in case there has been a change in the time and/or location of this meeting.
Background on the SCA Census of 2010: The Census Committee was created and acted as an independent entity (separate from the Board of Directors) to design a survey, gather information, organize the results, and then offer insights and make recommendations to the BoD that will be of use to the organization.
The 2010 Census (and yes, it is actually a survey, not a population-counting census) went on line August 1, 2010 to gather responses and closed on December 1, 2010. According to the “Core Key Findings” document released on July 26, 2010, a total of 17,578 usable responses were received. The actual total number of responses was slightly higher since some early beta-testers of the online system timed out before being able to complete the entire survey. The decision to call it a “census” was made for a number of reasons, one of which was the fact that 2010 was a census year in the United States. The SCA 2010 Census elicited responses world-wide.
Committee member Max von Halstern (Shire of Sangre de Sol, Trimaris) said the intent of the census is to get an accurate picture of where the organization is today. “We want to distinguish myth from fact regarding the SCA experience,” he said.
The members of the committee may have all been volunteers, but they are a very long way from being amateurs. The 20 people on the Census Committee were all selected on the basis of resumes they submitted. All of them are SCA members; most of them are professionals in the fields of data collection and analysis with decades of experience between them. Some are Ph.D.’s, and their modern-world jobs run the gamut from academia to both public and private sectors. They were not selected for the committee on the basis of any of their SCA ranks, awards, or years of membership, but because of their professional qualifications.
The initial release of results from the Census was placed on the SCA web site on July 26, 2011. You can view it there in a normber of formats. There is an expository summary, “Core Key Findings,” with bulleted highlights which is a quick read. There is a “Core Presentation” in the form of a Power Point presentation which can be downloaded as either a Power Point or a PDF document. It presents the data primarily in a graphic format. Admittedly, it is 61 screens in length, but it is done in a very understandable design. At a later date, the committee’s recommendations to the BoD and additional data summaries will also be released to the SCA web site. Work is still being done on identity security before the release of any raw data.
Some responders undoubtedly determined the identity security problem existed even as they were completing the survey sometime last fall. Max von Halstern explained that almost everyone who responded can be recognized by about four points of data, some by less. Part of the delay in releasing any results from the survey was caused by the need to prioritize anonymity over speed when working with the data.
Was it a “good” survey? No survey is perfect, but the committee members are quite pleased with the way it worked out. Ysabeau admitted “it was better than I thought we would get.” And Max described it as “an unqualified success for an experiment.” That is, an experiment in the sense that nothing like that had ever been done for the SCA before and no one was quite sure how many people would actually respond. Were 17,000 responses enough? Absolutely. Nationally-known professional polling companies routinely make statements about the entire U.S. on the basis of only 1,000 responses. And don’t forget that some of the SCA 2010 Census Committee members have worked/or still work for just such companies.
Ysabeau feels that there was sufficient breadth and height achieved in the responses: breadth across and outside of the entire membership and former membership; height in terms of responders’ ranks, awards, and number of years in the SCA. There may be an inherent bias in the survey since the results cannot help but be based on those people who chose to respond. She feels, however, that this is a positive bias since it favors those people who care enough about the SCA and their experiences with it to complete a survey.
“A lot of people took this as their opportunity to say something,” she said. If you are wondering whether or not anyone bothered to read the open-ended responses and comments responders were able to type in while taking the survey, the answer is yes. In fact, it may have been read several times in the course of various kinds of data being analyzed and compared. Ysabeau, as committee chair, read every single written response that was submitted. “People were being exceedingly honest with their feelings,” is how she described it. “I sometimes felt as if I was part of a confessional.”
Is that level of honesty appreciated? Yes, it is, even if some of the open-ended responses were so explicit it was difficult to know how to categorize them. Things like why people joined, why they left, and why they came back or didn’t are all reasons why the survey has been a success and are part of what Max von Halstern calls the separation of “factual analysis from anecdotal belief.”
Come to the meeting on Tuesday afternoon to learn more about the SCA 2010 Census and to get your questions answered.



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