PI Web Edition -- Wednesday, August 18, 2004

This is the Pennsic Independent online edition for August 18. Please see the table of contents below to view today's featured stories.

A Day for the Arts and Sciences

by Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

For the past seven years, the A&S Display has been the “place to be” for those wishing to share their projects with the Known World, as well as those seeking inspiration. This year was no exception. This year, over 250 displays were featured from thirteen kingdoms. Unlike last year, the displays were not grouped by kingdom. According to Ygraine of Preston, the display’s organizer, some kingdoms had many entries while others had relatively few, and “if you wanted to see just your kingdom’s artisans, you could do that at home.” It was hoped that mixing up the entries would encourage artisans to “mix it up.”

There were a wide variety of objects on display, from artisans attending their first event or first projects to Laurels with 30+ years of experience. There were a number of entries where a number of artisans had collaborated as well. “It was a lovely mix—everyone has been very encouraging and enthusiastic.” Indeed, some who viewed the exhibits, including Royalty, left comments and tokens for the entries that inspired them most. As usual with this display, there were many astounding projects; the photos that appear with this story are only a tiny sampling of the many items on display yesterday.

The event could not have happened without the help of many people who showed up when the display opened for setup at 7 am, and Ygraine wished to express her thanks to all those who pitched in.

Photo by Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

One of the group projects was contributed by the Royal City of Eoforwic in Ealdormere. The Baron and Baroness of Septentria asked all groups to contribute at least one entry in this year’s display, and Eoforwic decided on a group project, this processional canopy based on a 16th century Italian example. It was handsewn from red linen, with the embroidered arms of each canton and hand-turned wooden poles.

Tomak's Fountain

by Baroness Catherine Oakley

On Sunday evening, several self-described “minions” from Shadowclans arrived at the Middle Kingdom Royal encampment with a large wagon load of sculptural pieces. Telling curious onlookers to wait and see what it was, they began to assemble a huge base into which they inserted a waterproof liner painted to look like tile-work.

Next, large pedestal sections in the shape of rough rock slabs were put in place in the center, surmounted by a statue of Minerva, warlike goddess of wisdom, holding her shield flat in her left arm. To Minerva’s right: a turtle and a statue of Cymadoce with a sea serpent, resting on a huge seashell. Finally, to Minerva’s left, they placed another shell supporting a hippocampus and a statue of Neptune the Sea god, who blows on a conch shell. A few additional details, and the builders began to fill the base with water.

At last, just before dusk, to the delight and applause of the large crowd that had gathered, the assemblage was brought to life as a fountain with multiple jets of water flowing and splashing down over the rocky base.
The builders, who declined to be specifically identified, said that the fountain is the work of an artistic genius named Tomak. He is greatly inspired by the work of Bernini, and that influence is immediately evident in this amazing work of art. He based the sculptures on the story of the Aenead.

Tomak is also responsible for a succession of castle gates and walls fronting the Shadowclans encampments over the years. His latest work is a cathedral which the builders said can be seen at the Shadowclans camp. Another small sculpture is displayed near the fountain.

Entitled “Fountain of Minerva, Neptune and Cymadoce,“ the fountain’s sculptural group is made of synthetic alabaster, a tinted epoxy material that is built up in layers. The figures were first carved individually of clay, then a rubber mold was made over the clay and a hard fiberglass shell over that. The mold was then broken into sections and ten or more layers of resin were brushed in. There are three clear layers on the outside, giving the sculptures their translucency. Other layers of tinted and bead epoxy were added. The veining was done freehand between layers. The whole process of making each piece took four to six weeks, because each layer must dry thoroughly. Once the sections were done, they were fitted together and an almost invisible seam of epoxy was used to cement them together.

Passers-by are requested not to toss coins into the fountain; however, donations to waterbearing will be gratefully accepted.

Photo by Smerellda the Helpful.

Tyger roars in the woods again

By DonalBane of Blackmers

After 11 War Points: Eastern Tygers 9, Midrealm Dragons 2
On a temperate Tuesday, the Grand Armies of the East and Midrealm gathered again for Pennsic trademark: the woods battle. Assembling at the site just north of the campsite, the Midrealm entered the woods this year from the south entrance, while the East came in from the north.

The woods have been the personal playgrounds of the East for the better part of the last decade, but early on it seemed the Midrealm was putting its best foot forward. Reports from the front indicated that the Midrealm possessed two of the three banners after the opening cannon. Over the course of the next two hours, the lines wavered with both armies throwing headlong charges into each other.

According to the marshals, the final charge was able to garner all three banners for itself. The East’s banner was recaptured by elements of the Æthelmearcian army. Atlantia did most of the heavy lifting in defense of the central banner, although HRM Cuan of Atlantia said Sir Decker of Artemesia was the first gentle to seize the banner. Finally, the Midrealm’s banner was taken by a vanguard of the East headed by Haus Von Halstern

As Real Men Fought — Historic Combat Series

The Historic Combat Series continued with As Real Men Fought, an open tournament with period victory conditions. The tournament was held with individual combats between the Venans, comprised of Master Galleran de Cuessy, Colin James McLahlan, Dame Lyanna ferch Gwynhelek and Lord James Biblesworth, and the Tenans, comprised of Baron Asbjorn Johannsen, Capt. Richard Larmer, Sir Buqu and Lord Bjorn Hurkartir.

After four rounds of the single combat, the Venans judged Sir Buqu to be their most worthy opponent, while the Tenans selected Master Galleran, who went undefeated. The tournament concluded with a grand melee, which saw the Tenans drive the Venans from the field.

Wednesday’s featured melee: The Bridge battle — 11 a.m., three war points (one per fight)

Another Pennsic trademark, the bridge battle will see both armies contest five parallel bridges on three occasions. The fights will be decided by which side holds the most bridges after 30 minutes or when one side sweeps the field.

What to look for: The pattern of the bridge battles is “charge and duel” — a big charge followed by a series of dueling spears. Watch for breakouts on any bridges because the side that breaks out should quickly decimate its remaining opponents.

Volunteering at Pennsic

by Baroness TSivia bas Tamara v’Amberview, O.L., Pennsic Independent Feature Writer

Once upon a time, the concept of a War was dreamed, and the Dream was good. A few friends came together to practice the arts of War and of “No S**t There We Were” stories. From these humble beginnings between the Middle and East Kingdoms came the Pennsic War, first of the great inter-kingdom Wars in the SCA today.

Since those humble beginnings over thirty years ago, the Pennsic War has grown to a celebration of all things SCA: fighting, archery, fencing, cooking, arts and sciences, and so much more. And like the things which are medieval and/or renaissance in theme, there are the service things many of us love to do at Pennsic: public safety patrols, marshalling, chirurgeoning, waterbearing, disability access, Dead Rabbits, and so much more.

Without the gentles who serve us in myriad ways so that we may all enjoy our War and our holidays, things would not be nearly so enjoyable. Similarly, if we do not offer up an hour or two of our time to pick up trash, cook a meal, kiss a boo-boo or drive a cart, Pennsic would not run smoothly.

Every service at Pennsic could do with an extra set of hands or three. Imagine Chirurgeon’s Point at three in the morning if you fell on a tent stake and cut your knee but no one was there to offer comfort and first aid because no one volunteered. Imagine trying to co-ordinate a field battle without marshals, waterbearers, chirurgeons, and everyone else who gives of their time. Many fighters voluntarily take themselves off the field and into marshal tabards so that everyone else can fight and have a great time.

If you haven’t done something of a service nature this War yet, how about trying something new? Waterbearers can always use a helping hand, as can Public Safety. You don’t have to have first aid training to help out the Chirurgeons: they can always use a scribe or two. Want to meet some fascinating people? Offer to drive a golf cart for Mobility Access Services. Even Information Point can use volunteers.

So, if you are enjoying your time at Pennsic, why not give a little back? Choose a service you think might be fun, and find out if they can use a hand between now and the end of the War. Remember, places like Chirurgeon’s Point can use hands to help in packing down at the end of the week as well. Big or small, young or old, you can do some good at Pennsic by being a “helium hand” and volunteering.

Photo by Baron Erick Longacres of Ealdormere

Pennsic’s youngest volunteer, Thorbjorn Aaronson of Ealdormere, helping out with Public Safety. At three months, it will probably be a while however, before he gets his golf cart waiver.



Events Open To All

Fund Raiser/Silent Auction: Sugar Loaf Helmet to be auctioned at Mandrake Armory - #92 Street of Gold. Auction ends at Midnight Madness.

The Society Exchequer is camped at House Redhair in E24 Monday thru Friday.

Lady Caitlin of Enniskillen will be toasted with a luncheon vigil to honor her upcoming elevation. Thursday, August 19 from noon to 3. House Wild Rose camp, E24 on Great Eastern in the bog. Look for the rose arbor gate.

Breast cancer survivors! My chemo starts August 23. Any pep talks, words of wisdom, prayers welcome. See Anya of Clan Kyle, Kurdson Way.

Society Chronicler's office hours: Mon, Weds, Thurs, Fri 10-11:30 am Pennsic Independent Office

Kendrick of the Haunted Bookshop will be doing a booksewing demo and discuss the history of bookbinding at the Haunted Bookshop in Bookseller's Row Daily at 11:00AM and 3:00PM

Desire booty? Desire Deals? We have the answer! Visit the MDA auction booth, near the store. Silent auction is Mon-Thurs - 8:30 to 5:00. Loud auction Friday at noon in the barn!

12 step meetings daily at 4 PM. E07, Denys the Decadent's Camp. All welcome. AA, NA, OASA, etc. Open meeting.

Caid Court will be held Thursday at 6PM in Caid Royal

Heralds' Point is in need of warranted exchequers for cashier duty. If you can help for a couple of hours, please stop by during opening hours!

The friends of the late THL Honoria (Holly) would like to invite you to sign a book of condolences for her husband THL Leo. The book is in the Disabilities Camp X02.

Weather permitting, the Tribute-Longship will sail & burn at full dark, Sat the 21st. Come and paint a shield or place a note of love in the ship.

Cloak & Dagger welcomes noted author Michael Z. Williamson. Now signing copies of Freehold, the Hero and the Scope of Justice in booth #15.

Midrealm is now accepting submissions at Herald's Point.

Bardic Arts Forums! Come and take part in our discussions. A&S tent 7, 6pm every day.

Drachenwald - Where your persona comes from! Drachenwald PCS gathering at 6pm - Brewers Lane.

Capt. Elias Gedney offers his most fervent apologies. Due to an unfortunate mix up, he confused the time of his Tues 11AM class, "Period or Non-Period Pirates". The class will be re-offered Wed. Aug 18, 1PM in AS 10.

Bards! Rat song competition at the Rat Lady's 7-8 during midnight madness.

Japanese calligraphy and scroll design - A hands-on introduction, Thurs 11:00-1:00. Yama Kaminari (E03).

Samurai Chef - Japanese Cookery. A hands-on introduction, Fri 11:00. Yama Kaminari (E03).

Muhekian - The Taste of Tea. A mid-day Chakai. Reservations requested. Yama Kaminari (E03). Fri. 12:00.

Pennsic Drive-In hours, Dusk:30 Thurs-- children's choice (Shrek, Willow, Ice Age, Quest for Camelor), Fri - Viewers choice - 20 period movies to choose from. Booth 130.

Dame Tsivia will be signing her book at Auntie Arwen's Wed. 4-6PM and Thurs 6-8PM. Booth 184.

ROSE TOURNEY, Sept. 18 in Brendoaken! More fun than Midnight Madness. See MK calendar or www.brendoken.org for more.

For Sale

Wrapping yourself up for an event? We have Chantal Boulanger's fabulous Saris: An Illustrated Guide to the Indian Art of Draping. Only $30 at Poison Pen Press, Booth 63.

Portraits painted in great and small. Oil, charcoal and watercolor. Cabochons on Bow Street, #19

Knitters of the Known World, yarns worsted to lace weight at the Magik Badger.

Londonderry linen thread, Medici wool tapestry and more silk floss and thread than can be fit in this ad...Fabric Dragon is in Bazaar #3, space 20.

GLASS MULLERS FROM ENGLAND. Also nibs, vellum, parchment and hand-bound leather books - The Guild of Limners, #24

BABY BIBS - SCA-THE NEXT GENERATION - $4. Claus the Toymaker


How much have you spent on your armor?

How much have you spent on your garb?

How much have you spent on your children?

This has been a public service announcement from Claus of Burzee, Toymaker.

THE GUILD OF LIMNERS in the little white house on Merchant Row sells ink, quill mens, books, pigments, various colors, madder, woad, all kinds of paint and tools necessary for scribes and artists.

ATTENTION WOAD WARRIORS! Feeling blue? I have the real thing! Genuine woad imported from Scotland. $4. Limited supply, buy early. Guild of Limners, #24

MIDNIGHT MADNESS - $1/yd off fabrics over $7/yd at Dragon's Magic #25

HAND GROUND PERIOD PIGMENTS -- once you've tried it, you'll never use anything less. It's not as complicated as you may think. Free sample and instruction in its preparation with this ad from Benefit the Chirurgeons -- buy an original Pennsic XXXIII T-Shirt. $10. Available from Claus of Burzee, #24 Merchants Row

BAD GARB I and BAD GARB II - NOW AVAILABLE FROM Claus the Toymaker - How do you know you are not in them unless you read them?

"Is this your spoon?" Custom wood burning and painting. Cabochons on Bow Street, #19

VELLUM - Opaline vellum (sheepskin) direct from England. Finest quality. $15-30 per sheet. The Guild of Limners #24, across from the barn.

Majesty of Morocco. SCA tour April 5, 2005 from $1250 + air. t_imperial2004@hotmail.com / Rich @ merchant #72

Glass jewels with sew-on-settings. Get the authentic fakes. Cabochons on Bow Street, #19

Four Seasons Tentmasters - We offer the best tents you will ever own. Come see us and let us help you stay warm and dry. Space 81 Gold Road.

COSTUMES BY LOREN All cloaks $45 and under! New specials every day. Located at Ursula's Alcove. Space 137 on Plunder Ln.

More Books! Ursula's Alcove and Unique Editions have teamed up to bring you a great selection of new and used books. Just make your way to 137 Plunder Lane. Look for the flamingos.

COOL VEILING: cheesecloth, linen, and silk! Booth #25

Green Man masks to wear and display. Herbal salves and teas. Cabochons on Bow Street, #19

20 x 20 period tent and 7ft tall walls $1200 OBO Sabastian booth 139.

Roses made of wood $3/ea or $25 a dozen. Space #21

Henna body art - Serengeti fence line - by only 2 trees.

Evil Abra has awesome Middle Eastern and the price is right! Baubles, Belts, and Bangles. Chokers, beaded belts, and more. New order just in and more coming! The Gypsy Caravan - open 9 till late. 107 Street of Gold.

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Come visit Evil Abra's. Acres of silver, 3000 + sterling rings, every cross imaginiable. Tons of knotwork pendants, pins, bracelets and barettes. The Gypsy Caravan - open 9 till late. 107 Street of Gold.

Were you born yesterday? Plunder Lane is a great place to shop. With exotic goods from at least 6 kingdoms. You are sure to find something to please you. UA

10x20 Pavilion, green and gold. Can be seen at corner of Wainwright and Sedalia's Way. Inquire at Sleepy Unicorn, SP 91 behind the barn. $300.

Hand forged stainless steel flesh flippers. Great for open pit cooking only $20 each. See Claus the Toymaker across from the barn.

20' x 40' canopy kit $175; Most of a 16' yurt $895; Convertable table/bench kit 2 $750. Immediate pick-up. Michael at the Village No3 and Sedalsias 631-455-4690 cell.

Silk and linen threads and floss at Dragon's Magic #25

Tend and bed for sale - period 10x27 foot merchant style, no center poles so it's 100% usable space. Asking $1900. Take home at end of war. Queen size takedown bed. Packs failry flat, Ugly, but sturdy enough to dance on. $100. Will consider package deal. See Peregrine or Amind. Meridies Royal (N01).

Garb Closeour! Combat Boots for ladies, trews, tunics, children's garb. All must go! Loewing prices all week. Cloak & Dagger, Space 15.

NEW CD FROM EFENWEALT WYSTLE - only at Angevin Treasures, booth 30, We also have the largest selection of period and SCA music at Pennsic.

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Pennsic the War on DVD! At Sleeping Unicorn, space 91 Street of Gold behind the barn.

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Panther Pavilion for sale, 16x16, 3 yrs old. 7 ft walls. Ropes, stakes, poles included $850, Erevnite Asteron, N22.

For sale - 8x12 Marquee. Good condition, some wear. Take home at the end of war - $500. See Angus at Clan Kerr, E02

12x12 Pavilion for sale. $1000 OBO. See Zarifa at Brotherhood of the Black Rose, E17.

16' yurt w/ 2 doors, 6' walls. $1000 OBO. Clann Kerr, E02.

Gingher sewing and embroidery scissors - booth #25

Capture Pennsic memories w/our fair Middle Eastern ladies and gentles. Middle Eastern photo set w/you being in pose, being fed grapes/being fanned by our Middle Eastern Models Ln. Kreations Gallry, booth 130. Corner of Bazaar St. and Plunder Lane.

For Sale - Panther Regent 16x16 tent w/set up pkg. $750. 4 yrs old - pick up Sat. Chris at Dancing fox camp - E01

Medieval Games #23 now has Blank Shield Goose Game.

Blades cleaned & sharpened. Custom sheaths. Crazy Elnar at Cloak & Dagger. space 15.

Warlords - Need coin to pay your troops? See Chandra at the West Camp (W03) or contact Seelie at 226 in Bazzar 3. We also have a limited supply of blank sheet for moneyers.

For Sale: Two pavilions - One 12' x18' and one 16' x 21', ropes, poles and stakes included. Blue Unicorn Merchants pavilions for sale. One 12'x18' for $800 and one 16' x21' for $900, complete set-up included. Pick-up Sat. after 8pm or Sun by 10am. Space 181.

Infrastructure for sale: Two carports; 12x16 and 12x14 Panthers; 12' hardwood yurt, 10x10 shower with new 40 gal heater and heater. Take on Saturday or will store with nonrefundable deposit for land grab 2005. Michael at the Village - N03 at Sedalias Way. 631-455-4690. Reasonable offers considered.

Pennsic scrap book - tooled leather cover w/artwork. 12x12 in book. Will personalize $58.00. Place order today, delivery before Christmas ‘04. Booth 130.

For Sale (Used): Greatland Outdoors ($199 New) 3-Room Cabin Tent, Good Condition $50 (OBO); Queen Size ($189 New) Sharper Image Aero Bed, Good Condition $45 (OBO) _ See Max Von Halstern at N14


Seamstress: The sewing lady i s at #183.

The Marche of Alderford presents: Known World Costuming Symposium IV, September 24-26, 2004. Four Points Sheraton North Canton, OH 330-494-6494 Fax 330-494-7129. Featured speaker will be Mistress Drea di Pelligrini. http://sca.4th.com/alderford/events/kwcs2004

Help Wanted

Sitter Wanted - 4yr old girl seeks sitter w/same generous terms, days only. See Lorelei B06 at Blue and Yellow Camp.

Lost & Found

Lost: Satellite dish - House Stahlgeist has misplaced the dish! The big screen TV is here and the cold fusion power supply is fusing! Beer bounty!

Elmo: Baby can't sleep! Please return to lost and found. Lost in merchant area 8/15.

Lost! Forged damascus blade, sheep's foot style. If found, please return it to Magik Badger Ironworks Booth #58. Thank you! We need to find this!

Fowl Play! Gear Chicken-nappers: Gypsy Mayhem would like to congratulate you for taking the largest, ugliest heaviest piece of prankster-bait ever made to be stolen. How does it feel to be shafted by a 6ft yellow Gypsy Cock?


Sign of the Black Rose takes great pride in Congratulating our beloved Artist-in-Residence Lady Savant, on her triumphant graduation as a BS w/Honors Cum Laude in Psychology & Philosophy. We invite you to join us in wishing Her the best of luck in Graduate School—PooBah!

AnnaRousse...Je T'aime Epouse...Rneld

Ask Auntie Arwen (#184) if she is drinking enough WATER!

Peggy J. Hicks of zip code 30016 - would you please return to Castle Furnishings (the book merchant).

Auntie Arwen - Thank you for the wonderful tea! You are the best! Everyone should know how wonderful a spicy you are!

Josef - Will you marry me? 13 years ago. I love you! - Heirusalem

DAOC friends, come visit camp of Gwyntarien - Howard's Fenway - Aldric & Morwena Greystone. Share stories.

Many congratulations to Raven and Zygor of Darksphere Keep on the annoucement of their engagement.

Many thanks to Pentamere for the most excellent watter battle from Victoria and wet, happy children.

Classic swimming hole mighty fine eatin' fer young growing squid. Guess I'll put my tentacles up and sleep it off. Wait...what's that noise? Squirty.

Redweasals Armory - Your Leine is at Menage de Fous - B02 - The Pagan Goddess.

To the lady who stopped at our shrine on Monday: You are always welcome here. Our pilgrim's tokens are here for all. May God bless and keep you in the palm of his hand.

Belated but still heart-felt. Happy Birthday, Rose "Osnah" Harless - from your crazy Dad.

Henry, I've been waiting for you.

WANTED: Return our skulls and no harm will come to you. We promise - Captain Malkor of Siren's Landing.

Heirusalism of the day - "I hear there is a bug up my skirt."

In Memoriam: Cheryl Lloyd, best known as the Lizard Mom, died in June of cancer. The loss of her sense of humor, kidness, creativitiy, and friendship will be felt in the Known World. We miss you. Thomus the Lapidary and Elizabeth Hammsford.

To the anonymous gentle who found and returned my watch from the Field Battle. You have my profound grattitude. Stef, Mountain Confederation.

I would like to thank the young gentle who returned my wallet with cash and credit still inside! Stop by merchant space 180 for a personal thank you.

Countess Adriana -Although we are not at Pennsic this year, Pennsic play(s)ed an important part in our live together. So I felt that this is an appropriate place in which to wish you a happy anniversary and to say I love you more and more each year. Lady Elena

Happy Anniversary Dannarra! Miss You! Love You! Beorn

Greetings Dancing Fox! Wish I were there wreaking havoc with the Vixens. Raise a glass to me, I'll raise one to you. Simona