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By DonalBane of Blackmers

After 11 War Points: Eastern Tygers 9, Midrealm Dragons 2
On a temperate Tuesday, the Grand Armies of the East and Midrealm gathered again for Pennsic trademark: the woods battle. Assembling at the site just north of the campsite, the Midrealm entered the woods this year from the south entrance, while the East came in from the north.

The woods have been the personal playgrounds of the East for the better part of the last decade, but early on it seemed the Midrealm was putting its best foot forward. Reports from the front indicated that the Midrealm possessed two of the three banners after the opening cannon. Over the course of the next two hours, the lines wavered with both armies throwing headlong charges into each other.

According to the marshals, the final charge was able to garner all three banners for itself. The East’s banner was recaptured by elements of the Æthelmearcian army. Atlantia did most of the heavy lifting in defense of the central banner, although HRM Cuan of Atlantia said Sir Decker of Artemesia was the first gentle to seize the banner. Finally, the Midrealm’s banner was taken by a vanguard of the East headed by Haus Von Halstern

As Real Men Fought — Historic Combat Series

The Historic Combat Series continued with As Real Men Fought, an open tournament with period victory conditions. The tournament was held with individual combats between the Venans, comprised of Master Galleran de Cuessy, Colin James McLahlan, Dame Lyanna ferch Gwynhelek and Lord James Biblesworth, and the Tenans, comprised of Baron Asbjorn Johannsen, Capt. Richard Larmer, Sir Buqu and Lord Bjorn Hurkartir.

After four rounds of the single combat, the Venans judged Sir Buqu to be their most worthy opponent, while the Tenans selected Master Galleran, who went undefeated. The tournament concluded with a grand melee, which saw the Tenans drive the Venans from the field.

Wednesday’s featured melee: The Bridge battle — 11 a.m., three war points (one per fight)

Another Pennsic trademark, the bridge battle will see both armies contest five parallel bridges on three occasions. The fights will be decided by which side holds the most bridges after 30 minutes or when one side sweeps the field.

What to look for: The pattern of the bridge battles is “charge and duel” — a big charge followed by a series of dueling spears. Watch for breakouts on any bridges because the side that breaks out should quickly decimate its remaining opponents.