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SUPER SECRET WIZARD ROCK SHOW - Hey, Harry Potter fans, join the Blibbering Humdingers, Thursday 9pm behind Camelot Treasures - Booth 30. Come to our show at Dragon*Con too!

Update from our Publisher in-Absentia

As our regular readers know, Heirusalem, publisher of the Pennsic Independent, has not been able to attend Pennsic for the past few years as she helps her daughter, Patty, fight the rare childhood can

Tarnach the Terrible Battles the Horde

Tarnach the Terrible Battles the Horde

Lady Kathryn de Wrytar
Features Writer

Woods Battle Provides Ambiance

Taranach the Terrible is finished off by a horde of children Tuesday
in the children’s water battle.


Events Open to All
BJD Lovers of the Known World, Unite! The Meet will still be on this Wed @ Clan Cambion (E14) 10AM-12PM. Look for the Black fence. No Doll? No Prob!

Ontario Police ID Body as SCAdian Lady

(Ottawa)—A post mortem examination has confirmed the identity of a body discovered Sunday in Ottawa. The victim is Melissa Kelly RICHMOND, 28 years old, of North Dundas Township.

Cut and Thrust Tourney Attracts 12


By: Lady Noelle de la Plume
Rapier Correspondent

Tyger and Dragon Clash

The armies of the Tyger and Dragon met for the first time Monday on the armored battled field.


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Photographers Tea Monday, 7-9pm AS8. Come by and talk shop. No topic too big, no camera too small.

Allied forces showcase talents in War Point battle

By Syr Kyppyn Kirkcaldy
Battlefield Correspondent

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