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Unclassifieds 8-4-18

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20 Years of Celtic Bardic, WOW! Tues! Bards Haven E19 Feast and Gifts for all as usual.

Minions For Hire!

By Catella of Cilicia
Features Reporter, PI

“Time for a water break!”

The Janissary Band Returns

The first incarnation of the Janissary Band.
Photo provided by Master Osman-Türkoglu

War is Upon Us

By Uilleam Friseal
Battlefield Reporter, PI

Unclassifieds 8-3-18

12 Step Meeting 4:00 PM Daily at Denys the Decadent's Camp EO7 Off Great Eastern Highway, Look for 12 Steppe Sign. AA, NA, OA, SA, Alanon, All Welcome

For Sale

Paths of Pilgrimage

Photo by Lady Dosalena


Lucita di Cosima and Talia, aka “Panda
Ears”, were the first Pilgrims on the Pennsic

War Points

Aug 6
Belted Champions Battle (Heavy): Grand Alliance 1
Heroic Champions Single Combat (Heavy): Grand Alliance 1
Rapier Champions Battle: Allied Kingdoms 1

An Epic End

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Quintus of Vitos Minions resting as the battle rages on.

Written by: Uilleam Friseal

Og on Alcohol

I am missing Pennsic, again. I miss it daily. My morning starts sitting in my OG throne on the front porch watching the sun come up (much as I do at Pennsic).

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