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Shooting with bow or crossbow

Period Shoot Results

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By Baron Christophe of Grey
Archery Reporter, The Pennsic Independent

Champion Shoot

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Her Royal Majesty Æthelmearc scores for Her kingdom at the Archery Champions.
Photo by THL Meredyth Maskmaker

Pennsic Archery Champions Shoot

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Eastern Champions shoot at poachers Wednesday in the Pennsic Champions’ Shoot.

Young Archers...At the Mark

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By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton
Editor in Chief

Dragon flames Tyger in Archery Champions

By Peregrine Fairchylde

Staff Writer, Pennsic Independent

Causeway/Castle Battle—Parts one and two

One point. Victory to the team who defends the castle for the longest amount of time. Bonus victory points to teams who hold a banneron the causeway for ten minutes or more.
Castle defended first by

Mountain Pass BattlesMountain Pass Battle

Two resurrection battles for three points each. Combat archery, siege weapons and thrown weapons included. Each battle will last 30 minutes.

Bridge Battles

Three bridge battles for one point each. Missile weapons included. Each battle will last 30 minutes.

Advancing Army Shoot

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Opens when Archery List opens. The Advancing Army Shoot is open to all archers from each kingdom and their allies until Friday when the Archery List closes.

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