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Pennsic War

Going Off Site at Pennsic

Getting Started

Take Currie Road back out to the stop sign at Route 422. A right turn will take you west toward New Castle. A left turn will take you east toward Interstate 79, Moraine State Park, and Lyndora/Butler (in that order).

Foot Care at Pennsic

By Michael the Lost

If you are not a fighter your feet will probably be the most painful part of your Pennsic experience. I have heard rumors of people getting jungle rot at Pennsic. I find that hard to believe but I would believe that a lot of people get infected foot wounds. I am always surprised at how many people don't know about simple things such as moleskin. Here are some things I do to take care of my feet when I'm at Pennsic:

Living pieces of history: SCA History Night at Pennsic

By Sgt. Azrael ben Shemhazai

Hard as it may be to believe, we’re coming up on 40 years since the backyard party at Berkeley May 1, 1966, that marks the founding of the Society for Creative Anachronism. And in that time, just as in the Real Middle Ages, we in the Current Middle Ages have developed an impressive treasure trove of history, stories and adventures. And along with those stories we have our relics — real, physical evidence of days gone by.

Magician Cleared of Witchcraft Charges

By Dr. Henry Best

At the Pennsic War, the Coxcomb Academy Graduation Show was jarringly
interrupted as an Inquisitor charged the show's master of ceremonies,
Captain Matthew Christopher, with witchcraft.

PI Web Edition -- Saturday, August 21, 2004

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This is the web edition of the Pennsic Independent for August 21, 2004.

Dragon takes final battle, storms fort

By DonalBane of Blakmers

Pennsic Independent Battlefield Correspondent

After 27 War Points: Eastern Tygers 14, Midrealm Dragons 3, Mother Nature 7 (pending archery war points)

Having been stormed out on Thursday, both the great armies of the Midrealm and the East assembled for the final time this Pennsic hoping to storm into something: the Pennsic fort.

One Knight at Pennsic

Once More Unto the Breech

By Sir Guillaume “Rain Stops, Everyone Buggers Off” de la Belgique

When do you know the war is really over? When your pavilion hits the ground? When your armor is in its bag? When you begin to wonder where on earth you parked your car?

Fencing Week Wraps Up

By Liam St. Liam

Pennsic Independent Battlefield Reporter

Collette Le Vallois and Lord Tora Taka are at different stages of their SCA fencing careers, but each was able to claim victory in two tournaments during Pennsic War Week.

PI Web Edition -- Friday, August 20, 2004

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This is the web edition of the Pennsic Independent for August 20, 2004. Please see the table of contents below for today's top stories.

Photo by Johan of Rivenstar: Snake charmer charm

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