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Society Chirurgeon, Exchequer, and Board deadlocked over healthcare reform

At the organization's capital in Milpitas, California (USA), several corporate-level officers of the Society for Creative Anachronism and members of its the Board of Directors are in a heated debate a

And the Air is Just Right For Drinking

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By Grizzly of Ironstar
Battlefield Reporter, Pennsic Independent

Advice for the Middle-Aged

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When you're as old as I am, and although I'd like to say I'm older than dirt I don't really know where some of this dirt has been so I'd be reluctant to speak on its behalf, you tend to overlook some

Pennsic Historically Part 5: A Renaissance of Pennsic Proportions

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By Sir Guillaume de la Belgique

Being at Pennsic is a lot like living through the whole chronology of the Middle Ages, condensed into a week's time. We migrate and settle during the "Dark Ages" of land grab, then we establish boundaries and open channels of trade, and by Wednesday we are ready to begin what might be referred to as "the Pennsic Renaissance."

Pennsic Historically

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By Sir Guillaume de la Belgique

Magician Cleared of Witchcraft Charges

By Dr. Henry Best

At the Pennsic War, the Coxcomb Academy Graduation Show was jarringly
interrupted as an Inquisitor charged the show's master of ceremonies,
Captain Matthew Christopher, with witchcraft.

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