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Announcements received from officers and event staff

"Ask Doctor Best" Debuts in the Pennsic Independent!

The Pennsic Independent is pleased to announce a new column, in which Dr. Henry Best offers his unique and mystical talents to our readers:

"Ask Doctor Best"

Pennsic Gate Entry Announcement

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May 18, 2009 - Announcement regarding change in Pennsic War 38 gate entry (Troll) payment options.

Call for Review Materials

The Reviews Department of the Pennsic Independent is seeking new SCA-related CDs, books, and other works of art for review in the Pennsic 38 volume of the Pennsic Independent.

Known World Rose Youth Archery Tournament

The new theme this year was "Alice through the looking glass," complete with Jabberwockys. The shoot was designed by Countess Aibhilin and Count Tarquin of the Midrealm.


OG Has Returned!

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We just wanted to update folks so they don't worry. OG came home yesterday and is being pampered in his camp by many loving people.

PI Publisher Makes OG SICK!!!

OG became ill while working at the Pennsic Independent on Monday afternoon.

Eppingers Closed!!!

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Eppingers, a long-time favorite eatery for Pennsic folk, closed its doors for the final time sometime shortly after Pennsic last year.

To All Subscribers of The Pennsic Independent

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Greetings from Despotissa Heirusalem Crystoma, Publisher of The Pennsic Independent.

New Pennsic Merchant email List

The Pennsic Independent is proud to sponsor a new email list especially for Pennsic merchants.

PDF Subscriptions Expiring

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Remember to renew your PDF subscription to The Pennsic Independent soon!

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