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Announcements received from officers and event staff

Looking for Volunteers to Help With the Battlefield at Pennsic

We are looking for volunteers to help with the Battlefield at Pennsic. Many hands make for light work, so if you would please come join us with set up and break down it would be much appreciated.

Feat of Arms Planned announces that Don Iago Benitez and THL Alric of the Mists have announced a Feat of Arms on Saturday August 12, 2006 at Pennsic War XXXV.

PI Publishing Court Reports This Year

One of the additions we at the Pennsic Independent would like to make this year is the inclusion of kingdom court reports. We know this is something that our readers—both at war and on the Internet—would be particularly interested in.

SCA History Night to Take Place at Pennsic 35

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As part of a celebration of SCA history, the Midrealm Historian's office will be hosting an SCA History Event again this Pennsic. 

2006 PI Display Advertising Rates Set

The new display advertising rates for The Pennsic Independent are set and available here.

This year's rates have been altered to reflect our eight-day publication schedule.

Construction Warnings for Routes Near Pennsic

One thing I've discovered from traveling to Cooper’s Lake this year, and from other folks arriving over the past couple of days is that there is construction along almost every route. Be prepared for delays. Keep your gas tank full. Be patient. We'll wait for you.

Bardicci to Host Subtlety Contest

All ye Makers and Patrons of the fine arts of table and board: Take Heed!
His Excellency Guglielmo Bardicci, a humble citizen and court Baron of the fair Sylvan Lands of Æthelmearc, Petitions Your Attention.

Pennsic Fools Parade 2005!

Come all fools! All jesters! All silly people at heart!

Come join your fellow foolish friends and parade through the streets of
Pennsic on Tuesday, August 16th, in a celebration of your joyous spirit!

Quest for a Cure for Children's Leukemia at Pennsic

By Lord Gilbert le braceeur de Dijon

Greetings to all Noble Gentles and Comrades in Arms.

Following the example of Sir Dilan Mac AnTsaier and his Quest for the Pink Ribbon Deed of Arms do I, Lord Gilebert le braceeur de Dijon, present to you a week-long Deed of Arms benefiting those who cannot defend themselves.

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