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Announcements received from officers and event staff

Graybeard Heavy Weapons Tournament at Pennsic

In honor of all the tournaments that they have fought in, and in anticipation of Viscount Syr Bear's sixtieth Royal tournament, Viscount Syr Bear the Wallsbane and Earl Sir Bearengaer hinn Raudi will host a Graybeard heavy weapons double elimination tournament at Pennsic XXXIV, August 14, 2005, at 3:00 P.M. at the Red tourney Field. Entrants must meet the minimum age requirement of fifty years of age, and proof of age will be required. The tournament will be fought under the Combat Conventions of the Kingdom of Æthelmearc.

PI on the Move Again!

Due to expansion of the Pennsic Food Court, The Pennsic Independent is once again on the move.

Our new home is on the Great Middle Highway, at the top of Rune Stone Hill, next to the Middle Eastern Dance Tent. (Across from Rune Stone Park and the Middle Kingdom Encampment.) Please watch for The Pennsic Independent sign and banner with the black eagle.

PI Hoping to Publish First Saturday

For years, there has been an interest in having The Pennsic Independent publish during the first week.

In a potential move toward doing so, the PI staff is exploring the possibility of publishing an issue on the first Saturday of War Week.

Living pieces of history: SCA History Night at Pennsic

By Sgt. Azrael ben Shemhazai

Hard as it may be to believe, we’re coming up on 40 years since the backyard party at Berkeley May 1, 1966, that marks the founding of the Society for Creative Anachronism. And in that time, just as in the Real Middle Ages, we in the Current Middle Ages have developed an impressive treasure trove of history, stories and adventures. And along with those stories we have our relics — real, physical evidence of days gone by.

Magician Cleared of Witchcraft Charges

By Dr. Henry Best

At the Pennsic War, the Coxcomb Academy Graduation Show was jarringly
interrupted as an Inquisitor charged the show's master of ceremonies,
Captain Matthew Christopher, with witchcraft.

Kopper Kettle Closed

Many of those who travel to Pennsic have enjoyed the home cooking at the Kopper Kettle, a dine-in restaurant near Coopers Lake.

Display Advertisements with The Pennsic Independent

Merchants, it is time to start planning for Pennsic! Woo Hoo!

Studies show that advertising can increase sales by 25% to 75%. Display advertising in PI falls in the upper part of that spectrum! If you have never advertised before, especially if you are a new Pennsic merchant or have moved spaces, consider it for this War!

We’ve Moved!

After several years on Services Row, The Pennsic Independent is relocating to the Barn area. Our new home is just behind the Once Again Inn. We are hoping our new location will be more convenient for many of you.

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