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Armoured Combat

Combat wearing varying degrees of replica or reproduction armor simulating "heavy infantry" warfare or tournaments.

HOLD! Changes for Heavy Fighters

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By: Uilleam Friseal
Battle Field Reporter, PI

Bedlam in the Armored Bridge Battles

Photo by Master Phillip the Pilgrim
This year’s bridge battle saw some of the hardest fighting of the War.

Æthelmarc and Allies Stand Fast in Castle War Point


This seige engine stands ready for the Castle Battle.
Photo by Tarmac Ben Yehuda al-Khazari

War Opens With Opposing Champions


The Great Pennsic War begins.
Photo by Master Philip the Pilgrim

By: Lord Alaric Messer

Amidst the Ruins


Fighters pick through the ruins for banners and enemies
Photo by Tarmach ben Yehuda al-Khazari

The Great Deeds of Opponents


Æthelmearc fighters try to hold the bridge
Photo by Master Phillip the Pilgrim

Changes Over Time

by Lady Gwyneth MacDonagh of Atlantia

Coalition Takes Bridges, Leads War

dsc_7657 bbattle done-comp.jpg
Brave fighters battle for the bridges in close combat.

The Tournament of Chivalry

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By Lord Jack Marvell
Features Reporter

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