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Armoured Combat

Combat wearing varying degrees of replica or reproduction armor simulating "heavy infantry" warfare or tournaments.

East sweeps bridge battle, claims the war

By DonalBane of Blakmers

Pennsic Independent Battlefield Correspondent

After 16 war points: Eastern Tygers 14, Midrealm Dragons 2

Tyger roars in the woods again

By DonalBane of Blackmers

After 11 War Points: Eastern Tygers 9, Midrealm Dragons 2
On a temperate Tuesday, the Grand Armies of the East and Midrealm gathered again for Pennsic trademark: the woods battle.

Tyger sweeps Dragon from the field

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Pennsic Independent Battlefield Correspondent

After eight War Points: Eastern Tygers 4, Midrealm Dragons 2 (pending Archery and Rapier champion results)

Push for 1500

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton, Pennsic Independent Editor-in-Chief

Have you come to Pennsic to get all the fighting in you possibly can? Viscount Geoffrey Scott has. He hopes to fight 1500 bouts at Pennsic — and you might be able to help.

Geoffrey Scott well on his way toward 1500 fights

Lord Geoffrey Scott, an armoured fighter who intends to fight 1500 bouts before the end of Pennsic 33, reports that he had completed the first 303 bouts as of Wednesday evening.

Causeway/Castle Battle—Parts one and two

One point. Victory to the team who defends the castle for the longest amount of time. Bonus victory points to teams who hold a banneron the causeway for ten minutes or more.
Castle defended first by

Mountain Pass BattlesMountain Pass Battle

Two resurrection battles for three points each. Combat archery, siege weapons and thrown weapons included. Each battle will last 30 minutes.

Allied Champions Battle

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Champions chosen by allied Kingdoms. 30 minute resurrection field battle. Objective to control haybales centered in field. One victory point awarded to each side in control of a haybale at ten minute intervals.

Bridge Battles

Three bridge battles for one point each. Missile weapons included. Each battle will last 30 minutes.

Woods Battle

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This battle is for three points. It is a timed resurection battle (2 hrs.). The conflicting kingdoms, aided by their allies, will battle for possetion of three flags. One War point is awarded for each

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