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Arts and Sciences

Activities and research related to trades, crafts, occupations, or daily life in the Middle Ages, as well as performing and fine arts.

Pennsic 39 Artisans Row

Lady Fiadnata ó Gleann Àlainn describes this new feature for artisans and students at Pennsic War this year. The theme is:

A place to craft… A place to learn… A place to share…

Youth Exhibit Products of their Talents

By Ursula the Widow

For the Pennsic Independent

The young artisans and artists of the Known World had the opportunity to display their work Tuesday morning at the premier Youth A&S Exhibition held at Youth Point.

Inspiration for the event came from Lord Valdis of the Kingdom of the East.

Ninth A&S Exhibition Displays Wonders of the Known World

By Ursula the Widow

For the Pennsic Independent

On Monday morning, the Barn was filled with 200 artisans and the products of their inspiration. Baroness Catriona MacDuff of the East Kingdom organized the Pennsic A&S Exhibition for the ninth consecutive year.

A stunning variety of cultural riches met the eye.

A Day for the Arts and Sciences

by Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

For the past seven years, the A&S Display has been the “place to be” for those wishing to share their projects with the Known World, as well as those seeking inspiration. This year was no exception.

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