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Preparation, storage, and presentation of food.

Bardicci to Host Subtlety Contest

All ye Makers and Patrons of the fine arts of table and board: Take Heed!
His Excellency Guglielmo Bardicci, a humble citizen and court Baron of the fair Sylvan Lands of Æthelmearc, Petitions Your Attention.

Pennsic Sanitation for the Compleat Idiot

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By Jaji
(mka George Page)

You're at Pennsic! The smells of campfires and wonderfully period food fill the air. Wooden plates, iron pots, and all those things which make period food you want to cook at Pennsic taste better; ya gotta have ‘em! And you've got that cooler for your beer, so why not just throw the bag of chicken for the stew in there too, along with the cheese for a snack. The ice will keep everything cold.

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