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Performing Arts

Music, storytelling, juggling, theatre, and similar artistic endeavors.

Call for Review Materials

The Reviews Department of the Pennsic Independent is seeking new SCA-related CDs, books, and other works of art for review in the Pennsic 38 volume of the Pennsic Independent.

Pennsic Fools Parade 2005!

Come all fools! All jesters! All silly people at heart!

Come join your fellow foolish friends and parade through the streets of
Pennsic on Tuesday, August 16th, in a celebration of your joyous spirit!

Magician Cleared of Witchcraft Charges

By Dr. Henry Best

At the Pennsic War, the Coxcomb Academy Graduation Show was jarringly
interrupted as an Inquisitor charged the show's master of ceremonies,
Captain Matthew Christopher, with witchcraft.

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