Fifty Years a Pennsic Fighter

Sir Timothy Garagchan o’Leitrim

“Sir Garrahan” Tim Moran

Legendary individuals crowd Pennsic this year, but only one can lay claim to having fought in heavy combat at every Pennsic War. Baron Foscadh O’Dubhda, OP, of the Middle Kingdom, reminisced about his long experience during a sunny day of Peace Week from his camp overlooking the northwest corner of the battlefield.

Rapier Report

Photo by Sean Sreamach


By Brita Svensdottir

Rapier Reporter, PI

Youth Rapier:

A 17 year old youth rapier fighter authorized Tuesday as an adult fencer (Ealdomere) after trying rapier for the first time at this Pennsic and attending youth practice every day since Wednesday of Peace Week.

The Rapier Crossroads Battle

By Britta Svensdotir,

Rapier Reporter, PI

In spite of the drizzly rain, 22 Fencers from 6 Kingdoms turned out for the By the Book Tourney, which showcases period rapier styles. Eight styles were represented: Fabris, I33, Talhoffer, Marrozo, Caranza, Meyer, d’All’Agocchie, and Cavendish.