Cariadoc’s Thoughts About Pennsic

By Lorita deSiena

Feature Reporter, PI

It’s hard to talk about Pennsic’s long and storied history without one name coming to mind: Duke Sir Cariadoc of the Bow. A triple peer and a duke, many think of him as a legendary figure of the SCA. He has lived in multiple kingdoms, he is a talented bard and teacher, and he was there when Pennsic began.

Rapier Report

By: Brita Svensdottir

Eleven participants turned out for the Best of the Known World Tourney which welcomes Masters of Defense, holders of grant level rapier awards, Masters of Arms, and Knights to compete in a round-robin format with the top four fencers going into a double elimination best out of 3.

Eye On the Battlefield

Duchess Sir Elina of Beckenham, OL, OR, OP, KSCA

The day dawned bright and clear and drew the Allied Champions Battle to the field. Though the field was small, the competition was fierce. One hundred Allied fighters from each side lined up to make the teams, and then, in an overabundance of enthusiasm, more joined. After all, the more the merrier, right? 

Classic OG

Originally published at Pennsic 45, 2016 Common Era


Fifty years is not old.  FIFTY YEARS IS NOT OLD.  So says the Sequoia tree to the Galapagos turtle. To us, fifty is a big thing and worthy of a major celebration.  I read the great stories of that first party. 


Rapier Report

photo by: Sean Sreamach


By Brita Svensdottir, Rapier Reporter, PI

Rapier fighters gathered for the first melee of the war at 9 am Saturday in front of the fort for the Siege of La Rochelle.