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Classifieds Aug 11, 2023


Thieves - you are not stealing from a big greedy company but from individuals who work hard & pay a lot to bring unique & useful items to sell at Pennsic. Parents, if your child shows up with something you suspect they stole & you do nothing, you are as guilty as your child!


Mobility scooter repair. Block E10, Great Dark Horde. Ask for Dirk.


New Management at Pennsic Independent

As many read in yesterday’s issue about our Despôtissa Heirusalem Crystoma’s retirement, and stepping down from our much-respected Pennsic Independent, we just wanted to let you know that your beloved newspaper will return next year under new management. A new partnership, Pennsic Papers Partners, formed from long-time workers of the PI, will be running the show.

Classic OG

Originally published at Pennsic 41, 2012 Common Era


Let us drink to the mundane world! For fifty weeks we live there. Sometimes it gets it right. Every time I get to the big city I find a new and interesting brewpub. Yes, I look for them. Wine bars are becoming more common. Local wines are very good and normally cheap. We do not have a meadery…yet. But I can order a mead and they know what I am talking about and can find one on the shelf.